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Vol. 8D, No. 6, June, 2001

Design and Implementation of IDAO for Efficient Access of Database in EJB Based Application
Seong Man Choi, Jeong Yeal Lee, Cheol Jung Yoo, Ok Bae Chang
Development of an ADL tool set that supports the description of C2 - style architecture
Dong Ik Shin, Sung Hwan Roh, Jae Kak Choi, Tae Woong Jeon, Seung Yun Lee, Oh Cheon Kwon, Gyu Sang Shin
Open GIS Component Software Ensuring an Interoperability of Spatial Information
Hae Ock Choi, Kwang Soo Kim, Jong Hun Lee
A Study on the Development of Standard Profiles Management System which supports the Technical Reference Model for Information Technology Architecture
Jin Hyuk Yang, Young Do Kim, Hee Jun Chung, Jin Young Yang, Myong Hwan Yoo, Yu Gun Gong, In Jeong Chung, Jung Yup Kim, Hee Chang Chung
A Study on the WBI System Design & Implemented based on the Component
Ju Hyun Jeon, Chan Ki Hong
The Value - Added Brokerage Concept for Steering the CBSD Environments
Woo Gon Shim, In Sup Paik, Jung Tae Lee, Ki Yeol Ryu
A Validation Technique for Process Component Composition in the Component - Based Development Process
Bok Gyu Joo, Young Chul Kim
A Component Quality Assurance Process and its Application
Gil Jo Kim, Jin Ho Jang, Sun Myung Hwang
The e - Business Component Construction based on Distributed Component Specification
Haeng Kon Kim, Ha Jung Choi, Eun Ju Han
A Study on the Construction of CIS ( Cooperative Information System ) based on CBD
Haeng Kon Kim, Ho Jun Shin
A Component Composition Model based on Component Composition Specification
Kyung Won Baek, Sung Eun Park, Jung Tae Lee, Ki Yeol Ryu
A Web - based Collaborative Work System Using Enterprise JavaBeans Technology
Geon Tae Ahn, Myung Hee Jung, Keon Woong Lee, Nam Doo Moon, Myung Joon Lee
UML Notation and Component Modeling on the Components Development Process
Jae Saeng Kim
An Efficient Design Pattern Framework for Automatic Code Generation based on XML
Woon Yong Kim, Young Chul Kim, Bok Gyu Joo, Young Keun Choi
Development of a Supporting Tool for Conceptual Component Modeling and Component Construction on the J2EE Platform
Won Jin Lee, Min Jeong Kim, Yang Jae Jeong, Seok Jin Yoon, Yeon Jun Choi, Ji Hyun Lee, Gyu Sang Shin
An Approach to Composition of EJB Components Using the C2 style
You Hee Choi, Oh Cheon Kwon, Gyu Sang Shin
Design and Implementation of Approval System for Web - based Banking Component System
Tae Kwang Ahn, Byung Ki Kim
A Component Design for Advanced Traveler Information System
Jin Hwan Kim, Jae Young Chang, Bong Gyou Lee
Implementation of Algebra and Data Model based on a Directed Graph for XML
Sung Hee Park, Eun Sun Choi, Keun Ho Ryu
Migration Method for Efficient Management of Temporal Data
Hong Won Yun
A Study on Termination Analysis for Rule Compiler
Bing Ji Jiang, Jeong Hee Hwang, Ye Ho Shin, Keun Ho Ryu
A Study on the Optimum Release Model of a Developed Software with Weibull Testing Efforts
Gyu Shik Che, Yun Seung Chang
Generating Test Cases for Object - Oriented Design Specification
Eun Man Choi
Flattening Class Hierarchy for Reorganization of Object - Oriented Software
Suk Hyung Hwang, Hae Sool Yang, Jung Ho Park
A Study of Informatization Efficiency Measurement for Healthcare Organizations Using the DEA Model
Tae Min Song, Woo Sik Kim


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