Digital Library

Vol. 8D, No. 5, May, 2001

An Indexing Model for Efficient Structure Retrieval of XML Documents
Chong Kwan Park, Chung Beon Son, Hyung Il Kang, Jae Soo Yoo, Byoung Yup Lee
XQL Query Processing Using XML Materialized Views
Soo Hee Kim, Chan Ho Moon, Hyun Chul Kang, Sang Koo Seo
Concurrency Control for Global Transaction Management in Integrated Heterogeneous Database Systems
Kyu Woong Lee
Hypertext Retrieval System Using XLinks
Eun Jung Kim, Jong Min Bae
An Efficient Technique for Storing XML Data without DTD
Kyoung Hyun Park, Kyung Hyu Lee, Keun Ho Ryu
SOM - Based R - Tree for Similarity Retrieval
Chang Youn Oh, Dong Ju Im, Kun Seok Oh, Sang Hyun Bae
A Termination Analyzer Including Execution Semantics of Active Rules
Ye Ho Shin, Jeong Hee Hwang, Keun Ho Ryu
Non - Blocking Two Phase Commit Protocol Reducing the Blocking Problem
Ihn Soon Ahn, Kyung Chang Kim
Scheduling Method of Real - Time Mobile Transaction Manager considering Value of Transactions and Validity of Real - Time Data
Sook Kyoung Cho, Gyoung Bae Kim, Soon Jo Lee, Hae Young Bae
A Concurrency Control Technique Using Optimistic Atomic Broadcast in Replicated Database Systems
Hee Young Choi, Bu Hyun Hwang
Discovering Sequence Association Rules for Protein Structure Prediction
Jung Ja Kim, Do Heon Lee, Yun Ju Baek
An Object Oriented Spatial Data Model Based on Geometric attributes and the Role of Spatial Relationships in Geo - objects and Geo - fields
Hong Ro Lee
Extended High Dimensional Clustering using Iterative Two Dimensional Projection Filtering
Hye Myung Lee, Young Bae Park
Improving Estimative Capability of Software Development Effort using Radial Basis Function Network
Sang Un Lee, Young Mok Park, Jae Heung Park
Component Implementation of Electronic Dictionary
Sung Woon Choi
A Cache Consistency Control for B - Tree Indices in a Database Sharing System
Kyung Oh Ohn, Haeng Rae Cho
A Study on the Distribution of Overload in Academic Affairs Management System Using Replication Server
Kwang Rok Han, Seung Won Lee
Design and Implementation of Dynamic Digital Bights Management System Based on Agent
Yong Hyo Lee, Dae Joon Hwang
Design and Implementation of Policy - oriented Matching Agent System for Electronic Commerce
Byung Yeon Hwang, Sung Cheol Park
Design and Realization of Retrieval Engine On Demand Using a Dynamic Robot Agent
Sung Kim, Chol Woo Park, Chung Seok Lee, Kyoo Seok Park


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