Digital Library

Vol. 8D, No. 4, April, 2001

Cell - based Signature Index Strucutre for Similarity Search in High - Dimensional Data
Kwang Taek Song, Jae Woo Chang
Retrieval Scheme of XML Documents Using Link Queries
Chan Ho Moon, Hyun Chul Kang
A Framework of XML Materialized Views Using Incremental Refresh
Jae Guk Lim, Hyun Chul Kang, Sang Koo Seo
Efficient Algorithms for Mining Association Rules Under the Interactive Environments
Jae Moon Lee
A Study on Task Allocation of Parallel Stia1 Joins using Fixed Grids
JIn Deog Kim, Young Duk Seo, Bong Hee Hong
Representing and Retrieving the Structured Information of XML Documents
Youn Ki Cho, Jeong Gil Cho, Byung Ryul Lee, Yeon Seol Koo
Dynamic Generation Methods of the Wireless Map Database using Generalization and Filtering
Mi Ran Kim, Jin Oh Choi
Spatial View Materialization Technique by using R - Tree Reconstruction
Bo Heung Chung, Hae Young Bae
Software Reliability Prediction of Grouped Failure Data Using Variant Models of Cascade - Correlation Learning Algorithm
Sang Un Lee, Joong Yang Park
The Comparative Study for Software Reliability Models Based on NHPP
Kang Hyun Kan, Hee Cheul Kim, Byoung Soo Lee
An Object - Oriented Modeling of Object - Oriented Software Development Methods : OMOS ( Object - oriented software development Method for Object - oriented software System )
Sung Woon Choi
A Study on Test Cove e for Software Reliability Evaluation
Joong Yang Park, Jae Heong Park, Soo Jin Park
The Conversion of a Set , a Sequence , and a Map in VDM to a Linked List in a Programming Language
Moon Sung Yoo
A Study on System for Environmental Control in the Greenhouse using Internet
Dae Up Kim, Hung Bog Park
A Supply Chain Management based on Mobile Agents with Flexible Reply Scheme
Won Ho Chung, Hee Jung Nam


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