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Vol. 8D, No. 3, March, 2001

Design of Internet GIS Integration System using CORBA
Bing Ji Jiang, Kwang Woo Nam, Sang Ho Kim, Seong Ho Lee, Keun Ho Ryu
Reduction of Approximate Rule based on Probabilistic Rough sets
Eun Ah Kwon, Hong Gi Kim
Design and Implementation of an XML - based Planning Agent for Internet Marketplaces
Yong Ju Lee
Efficient Schemes for Cache Consistency Maintenance in a Mobile Database System
Sang Min Lim, Hyun Chul Kang
Quantification Methods for Software Entity Complexity with Hybrid Metrics
Euy Seok Hong, Tae Guun Kim
Software Development Effort Estimation Using Neural Network Model
Sang Un Lee
Proposal and Evaluation of Metrics for Measurement of Documents Reliability
Ki Hyun Nam, Pan Am Han, Hae Sool Yang
A Slice - based Complexity Measure
Yu Mi Moon, Wan Kyoo Choi, Sung Joo Lee
WAP Abstract Kernel Layer Supporting Multi - platform
Young Man Kang, Soon Hee Han, Kuk Hyun Cho
High - Speed Korean Address Searching System for Efficient Delivery Point Code Generation
Gyeong Hwan Kim, Seok Goo Lee, Mi Young Shin, Yun Seok Nam
A Study on the Method of High-Speed Reading of Postal 4 - state Bar Code for Supporting Automatic Processing
Moon Sung Park, Hye Kyu Kim, Hoe Kyung Jung
A model for evaluating the efficiency of inputting Hangul on a telephone keyboard
Min Mo Koo, Mahn Young Lee


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