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Vol. 8D, No. 2, February, 2001

A Spatiotemporal Moving Objects Management System using GIS
Young Jin Jung, Keun Ho Ryu, Key Soo Shin, Yun Ae Ahn, Jong Chul Bae
Design and Implementation of a Data Mining Query Processor
Chung Seok Kim, Kyung Chang Kim
An Efficient Range Search and Nearest Neighbor Search Algorithm for Action Parts of Active Systems in Sparse Area
Jung Il Kim, Dong Kweon Hong
Optimistic Concurrency Control based on 2 - Version and TimeStamp for Broadcast Environment ; OCC / 2VTS
Uk Hyun Lee, Bu Hyun Hwang
An Efficient Indexing Technique for the improvement of search performance in High - Dimensional Data
Beom Seok Joh, Young Bae Park
Parsimonious Neural Network and Heuristic Search Method for Software Effort Estimation Model
Eung Sup Jun
A Design of Efficient Object Management Repository Using Integration Management Model
Su Kyun Sun, Yong Jea Song
A Study of Optimal Ratio of Data Partition for Neuro - Fuzzy - Based Software Reliability Prediction
Sang Un Lee
Design and Development of an XMI / JEDI System
Dong Kyoo Shin, Dong Il Shin


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