Digital Library

Vol. 8D, No. 1, January, 2001

Extending SQL CLI for Large Object Caching
Jong Min Lee, Hyun Chul Kang
Concurrency Control Based on Triggering Relationship for Real - Time Active Databases
Seok Hee Hong
A Two - way Donation Locking Protocol for Concurrency Control in Multilevel Secure Database
Hee Wan Kim, Hae Kyung Rhee, Ung Mo Kim
Update Semantic Preserving Object - Oriented View
Young Gook Ra
Query Language Extension and Implementation of MM Presentation System using SMIL in MMDB
Jung Hwa Lee, Jong Hwan Lee, Young Ho Yu, Kyong Sok Kim
Software Architecture Restructuring for Reuse
Chi Don Ahn, Chang Jong Wang
Description Techniques for Reusable Components and Interfaces using Formal Methods
Dong Su Seo
Complexity Metrics for Analysis Classes in the Unified Software Development Process
Yu Kyung Kim, Jai Nyun Park
Automatic Test Data Generation for Mutation Testing Using Genetic Algorithms
In Sang Jung, Byeong Mo Chang
Construction of Design Pattern Retrieval System using Pattern Information
Gui Joung Kim, Young Jae Song
A Proposal for Component Formal Specification Activities Using Z
Jong Pyo Jang, Sang Jun Lee, Byung Ki Kim


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