Digital Library

Vol. 8C, No. 6, June, 2001

A Study on the Effect of Format String on Secure Programming in C Language
Hyung Bong Lee, Hong Jun Tcha, Hyung Jin Choi
Multiple Watermarking Using Gram - Schmidt Orthogonal Processing
Yun Hee Oh, Hyun Ho Kang, Ji Hwan Park
Design of A Database Architecture for Hierarchical Security Policy Model
Yeo Wung Yun, Yoon Cheol Hwang, Nam Kyeong Um, Kwun Woo Kim, Sang Ho Lee
Performance Evaluation of VPN Protocols Using Various Traffic
Seung Hee Oh, Ki Joon Chae, Tae Kyong Nam, Sung Won Sohn
Mutual Authentication Protocol for Safe Data Transmission of Multi - distributed Web Cluster Model
Kee Jun Lee, Chang Won Kim, Chai Yeoung Jung
Design and Implementation of File protection system based on Windows 2000 system
Nam Hoon Lee, Shin Geun Yoo, Young Chul Shim
An Anonymity Control Electronic Cash System with Divisible using KCDSA
Seok Cheol Jang, Im Yeong Lee
The study of striping size according to the amount of storage nodes in the Parallel Media Stream Server
Seo Gyun Kim, Ji Seung Nam
Efficient Session Management mechanism applied Key Recovery technique in IPSec
Jeong Beom Kim, Yun Jung Rhee, Nam Sup Park, Tai Yun Kim
Design and Implementaion of IPv4 / IPv6 Translation Protocol
Seok Cheon Park, Kwang Bae Lee
Design and Analsis of a high speed switching system with two priority
Yo Hoon Hong, Jin Seek Choi, Moon Seog Jun
A Modified - DWRR Cell Scheduling Algorithm improved the QoS of Delay
Ji Young Kwak, Ji Seung Nam
Handoff Processing for Mobile Agent in Distributed Environment
Ki Hyun Park
Handoff signaling implementation using H. 323 rerouting in IP - based network
Young Sin Lee, Gi Moo Choi
A Prefetching Scheme for Location - Aware Mobile Information Services
Moon Ja Kim, Woo Suk Cha, In Jun Cho, Gi Hwan Cho
Distributed Location Management Scheme for Reducing Overhead Traffic of HLR in Large Personal Communication Networks
Dong Chun Lee, Jeom Goo Kim, Sok Pal Cho
Page Logging System for Web Mining Systems
Sun Hee Yoon, Hae Seok Oh
Multiagent - based Intelligent Electronic Commerce System
Eun Seok Lee, Jin Goo Lee
Design and Implementation of Web - based HomePNA Device Management System
Byung Oh Ahn, Seong Jin Ahn, Jin Wook Chung


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