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Vol. 8C, No. 5, May, 2001

Iris Pattern Recognition for Personal Identification and Authentication Algorithm
Hyoun Joo Go, Sang Woo Lee, Myung Geun Chun
The Decision Method of A Threshold in Sequence - based Anomaly Detection Sensor
Yong Min Kim, Min Soo Kim, Hong Gun Kim, Bong Nam Noh
A Study on the Realtime Cert - Validation of Certification based on DARC
Hong Jong Chang, Seong Eun Lee, Jung Hyun Lee
QuadTree - Based Lossless Image Compression and Encryption for Real - Time Processing
Jeong Oh Yoon, Woo Seok Sung, Chan Sik Hwang
An Integrated Authentication System for Mobile Codes
Sung Hoon Bae, Su Hyun Lee
An Improved Detection System for the Network Vulnerability Scan Attacks
Il Sun You, Kyung San Cho
Implementing the ESES for Secure Electronic Commerce Platform
Joo Young Lee, Ju Han Kim, Jae Seung Lee, Ki Young Moon
Secure User and Program Interface for SecuROS
So Young Doo, Jong Gook Ko, Sung Kyong Un, Jeong Nyeo Kim, Un Bae Kong
Design and Simulation of Policy Based Integrated Server System Capable to Provide Real - time Internet Security Service
Ki Young Kim, Gae Il Ahn, Jong Soo Jang, Sang Ho Lee
Design and Analysis of Role - based Security Management Model for Policy - based Security Management in SNMPv3 Network
Gwang Ro Joo, Hyung Hyo Lee, Bong Nam Noh
Design and Implementation of a Web Security System using a Chaos Cipher Algorithm
Bong Hwan Lee, Chil Min Kim, Dong Weon Yoon, Yong Wong Chae, Hyeun Gon Kim
Secure QoS Billing System Using Audit Trail Subsystem Design & Implementation
Woo Chool Park, Jeong Nyeo Kim, Byugn Ho Rhee
A Study of Hierarchical Policy Model of Policy - based Integrated Security Management for managing Heterogeneous Security Systems
Dong Young Lee, Dong Soo Kim, Tai Myoung Chung
A Study on Valuation of Security Property in Electronic Commerce
Min Cheol Kim, Kyoo Sung Noh
Analysis Using Petri Nets for SKP - based SET Protocol
Yu Jin Song, Mi Kyoung Seo, Jong Kun Lee
A Study of Efficient Algorithm for Survivable Network Design with Conduit
Hyo Kwan Kang, Chi Geun Han
The Regional transferring Model for Multicasting Service based on IP
Kyung Sung Jang, Byung Ki Kim
A Selective Layer Discard Algorithm for Stored Video Delivery over Resource Constrained Networks
Ji Won Noh, Mee Jeong Lee
Design and Implementation of Web based Voice Traffic Management System using CDR
Eun Sung Kim, Seong Jin Ahn, Jin Wook Chung
The QoS Guarantees of Multimedia Traffic using MlP - DUDN with RSVP in Mobile Computing Environments
Seung Jin Han, Jung Hyun Lee
Dynamic Paging and Location Management Algorithm for Reducing Location Update Overhead in A Microcell Environment
Young Sang Jang, Sam Kweon Oh, Sung Yooung Lee
Design and implementation of an integrated network management agent
Sang Cheol Park, Tae Soo Kim, Kwang Hui Lee


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