Digital Library

Vol. 8C, No. 3, March, 2001

A Flexible Key Recovery System with One - way Key Distribution Property
Joon Suk Yu, Hee Do Kim, Jong Min Jeon, Dong Ho Won
CORBA Based Mutual Authentication Mechanism using CCCA
Yong Ju Yi, Jong Hyeun Jang, Dong Gil Lee
Design of Block Cipher Algorithm for Medical Information Security
Hye Myoung Choung, Moon Seog Jun
The Secure Electronic Voting System using the Magic Sticker
Hee Un Park, Im Yeong Lee
Application of Block Design for an Efficient Conference Key Distribution System
Tae Hoon Lee, Il Yong Chung
Hardware Implementation of 128 - bit Cipher Algorithm Using FPGA
Keon Bae Lee, Byung Wook Lee
VLSI Design of a New Dynamic GSMP V3 Architecture
Young Chul Kim, Tae Won Lee, Kwang Ok Kim, Myung Ok Lee
Short - term Stable Characteristic Analysis of the Synchronized Clock in the Synchronization Network and SDH Based Network
Chang Ki Lee
ATM Connection Admission Control Using Traffic Parameters Compression
Jin Yi Lee
Design and Performance Evaluation of a Fault - Tolerant Input - Buffered ATM Switch based on Multistage Interconnection Networks
Won Chul Synn, Yoo Ek Son
A Study on Adaptation of ATM Switch Queue under Self - Similar Traffic
Sung Ho Jin, Jae Hong Yim, Dong Il Kim
A Study to Improve TCP Throughput using Virtual Window for Very High Speed Internet
Hyoung Woo Park, Jin Wook Chung
A Study on the Active Queue Management Scheme with TCP Traffic
Jin Young Yang, Pal Jin Lee, Jong Hwa Kim
Improving the performance of TCP over networks of mobile with delaying congestion control in Snoop
Yong Kim, Ho Cheol Sung, Ho Jae Hyun, Sun Young Han
Performance Analysis of MRC Diversity for M - ary QAM Signals in Digital Land Mobile Communications
Dong Weon Yoon, Bong Hwan Lee
Optimized Modulation Index Design and Receiving Data Performance Estimation of LEO Satellite TT&C System
Dae Lg Chang


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