Digital Library

Vol. 8C, No. 2, February, 2001

A Role - Based Access Control Mechanism using Z language in Distributed System
Bong Nam Noh, Eun Bok Choi
The Key Recovery System for Users to Recover Their Own Secret Key
Hee Bong Choi, Hui Jong Yu, Soo Hyun Oh, Dong Ho Won
An Efficient Cache Algorithm for Internet Servers to Reduce Load
Su Yong Choi, Jin Yong Moon, Yong Wan Koo
Improved Binary Scheduling Wheel Structure for WRR Implementation
Hong Jin Moon, Hae Seong Cho
Fault - Tolerance of Wang`s Modified MOBAS and A New Fault-Tolerant ATM Switch Architecture
Se Dong Kwon, Hyun Min Park, Byeong Seog Choe, Jae Hyun Park
Design of Layer 3 Virtual LAN in ATM - LAN
Ju Yeon Seo, Mee Jeong Lee, Ki Joon Chae, Kil Young Choi
Design and Analysis of ATM - based Video Stream Switch for Supporting Digital Video Library Service
Byoung Seob Park, Sung Soo Kim
An Availability Model for Active / Active Cluster Systems
Kie Jin Park, Sung Soo Kim
Recovery Mechanism for Base Station Failure in Wireless ATM Networks
Ji Y . Lim, Tae M . Chung
Design and Implementation of Host Simulator for IMT - 2000 Wireless Protocol using SDL Development Environments
Pyung Joong Song, Cheul Woo Ro, Moon Whan Nho, Yung Bae Yoon, Jong Phil Lee
Design and Performance Evaluation of OBP Satellite B - ISDN Transport Network Multiple Access Method
Seok Cheon Park, Kwang Bae Lee
Performance Analysis of Block Interleaver by Using Hopping Method
Hyung Yun Kong, Il Seung Woo
A Design and Implementation of Secure Instant Messenger
Bo Go Jung, Gwang Soo Rhee
A CORBA - based Mobile Agent System Supporting the OMG MAF Specification
Yang Woo Yu, Jin Hong Kim, Hyeong Seo Koo, Yang Su Park, Myeong Jae Yi, Myung Joon Lee


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