Digital Library

Vol. 8C, No. 1, January, 2001

A Study on the Effect of Processor Stack Frame Mechanism on Secure Programming in C Language
Hyung Bong Lee, Hong Jun Tcha, Hi Young Rho, Sang Min Rhee
A Study on the Cryptographic Properties of FCSR Sequences
Chang Ho Seo, Jeong Nyeo Kim, Hyun Sook Cho, Seok Woo Kim
A Web Based Secure E - Mail System Using the PGP Algorithm
Dong Uk Park, Jae Hee Park, Jin Sang Kim, Il Min Kim
Design and implementation of Fault - Tolerant CORBA Service for reliability on Real - Time CORBA
Young Jae Kim, Ki Young Park, Sung June Hong, Sun Young Han
Design and FPGA Implementation of a High - Speed RSA Algorithm for Digital Signature
Min Sup Kang, Dong Wook Kim
A Performance Analysis of IP Multicasting using Resource Reservation over ATM Networks
Eun Cheol Bong, Dong Il Kim, Young Jin Choi, Gi Won Yang, Chang Suk Oh
Performance Analysis of Differential Service Model using Feedback Control
Woon Song Baik, Gi Won Yang, Young Jin Choi, Dong Il Kim, Chang Suk Oh
Shared Tree - based Multicast RP Re-Selection Scheme in High - Speed Internet Wide Area Network
Dong Lim Lee, Chan Hyun Youn
A Performance Evaluation of Mobile Agent for Network Management
Hyeok Chan Kwon, Heung Hwan Kim, Kwan Jong Yoo
A New Key Management Mechanism and Performance Improvement for Conditional Access System
Hyun Sook Cho, Sang Ho Lee
A Lossless Multicast Handoff Method for Wireless ATM Networks
Eun Yong Ha
SRN Hierarchical Modeling for Packet Retransmission and Channel Allocation in Wireless Networks
Cheul Woo Ro
Improvement of Overlapped Codebook Search in QCELP
Kwang Cheol Park, Seung Jin Han, Jung Hyun Lee


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