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Vol. 8B, No. 6, June, 2001

The Automatic Coordination Model for Multi - Agent System Using Learning Method
Mal Rey Lee, Sang Geun Kim
A Design and Implementation of Course Relearning System Using Multi - agent
Jong Hee Lee, Keun Wang Lee
Task Reallocation in Multi - agent Systems Based on Vickrey Auctioning
In Cheol Kim
Personalized Wire and Wireless News Retrieval System Using Intelligent Agent
Seon Mi Han, Jin Woon Woo
Construction of Multi - Agent System Workflow to Recommend Product Information in E - Commerce
Jong Wan Kim, Young Sn Kim, Seung A Lee, Seung Hoon Jin, Young Jik Kwon, Soon Cheol Kim
A Recommendation System of Exponentially Weighted Collaborative Filtering for Products in Electronic Commerce
Kyung Hee Lee, Jeong Hye Han, Choon Seong Leem
Design and Implementation of Electronic Commerce Prototype System based on Mobile Agent
Phyoung Jung Kim, Seok Hwan Yoon
A Jini - based Mobile Agent System
Yang Woo Yu, Myung Joon Lee, Jin Hong Kim, Hyeong Seo Koo, Hyeong Seok Yoon, Geon Tae Ahn
Fast Thinning Algorithm based on Improved SOG ( SOG )
Chan Hee Lee
Dynamic recomposition of document category using user intention tree
Hyo Lae Kim, Young Cheol Jang, Chang Hoon Lee
Improved Method for " Aggregation Based on Situation Assessment "
Dae Young Choi
A Korean Language Stemmer based on Unsupervised Learning
Se Hyeong Cho
A Processing of Progressive Aspect " te - iru " in Japanese - Korean Machine Translation
Jung In Kim, Kyong Hi Moon, Jong Hyeok Lee
Choice of Wavelet - Thresholds for Denoising image
Hyun Sug Cho, Hyoung Lee
A study on the new hybrid recurrent TDNN - HMM architecture for speech recognition
Choon Seo Jang
Efficient Lane Detection for Preceding Vehicle Extraction by Limiting Search Area of Sequential Images
Sang Hoon Han, Hyung Je Cho
Extending XHTML for Synchronized Multimedia Presentation
Soo Cheol Lee, Eun Jun Hwang


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