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Vol. 8B, No. 5, May, 2001

A Mathematics Tutoring Model That Supports Interactive Learning of Problem Solving Based on Domain Principles
Hyung Joon Kook
A Study on Production Mechanism of Meta - knowledge for Effectively Managing Contents and Models
Chul Soo Kim
An Automatic Classification System of Korean Documents Using Weight for Keywords of Document and Word Cluster
Jun Hui Hur, Jun Hyeog Choi, Jung Hyun Lee, Joong Bae Kim, Kee Wook Rim
A Learning Agent for Automatic Bookmark Classification
In Cheol Kim, Soo Sun Cho
A New Similarity Measure based on and Its Application to Linguistic Approximation
Dae Young Choi
A Study on Classification of Medical Information Documents using Word Correlation
Hyeong Geon Lim, Duk Sung Jang
Hybrid Learning Algorithm for Improving Performance of Regression Support Vector Machine
Yong Hyun Cho, Chang Hwan Park, Yong Su park
The Implementation of the Personalized Emotional Character Agent
Hey Jung Baek, Young Tack Park
Video Data Scene Segmentation Method Using Region Segmentation
Sung Ju Youm, Woo Saeng Kim
Fuzzy - Based Object Manager for Multimedia Post - Office Box Construction
Chong Deuk Lee, Taeg Won Jeong
Caching Framework for Multimedia
Back Hyun Kim, Yo Seop Woo, Ik Soo Kim
A Method of Highs Similarity Retrieval based on Self - Organizing Maps
Kun Seok Oh, Sung Ki Yang, Sang Hyun Bae, Pan Koo Kim
Design and Evaluation of a Reservation - Based Hybrid Disk Bandwidth Reduction Policy for Video Servers
Sun Jin Oh, Kyung Sook Lee, Ihn Han Bae
Content - based Image Retrieval Using Fuzzy Multiple Attribute Relational Graph
Sung Hwan Jung
A Study on Tracking Algorithm for Moving Object Using Partial Boundary Line Information
Young Seok Cho, Ju Shin Lee
3D Depth Information Extraction Algorithm Based on Motion Estimation in Monocular Video Sequence
Joon Ho Park, Dae Seong Jeoune, Young Woo Yoon
Optimal Block Matching Motion Estimation Using the Minimal Deviation of Motion Compensation Error Between Moving Regions
Young Chang Cho, Tai Hong Yi
A New Metric for Joint Effective Width Computation
Juck Sik Lee
A Generalized Local Feature Structure for Model - Based 3D Object Recognition
June Ho Yi
A Study on Digital Watermarking of MPEG Coded Video Using Wavelet Transform
Hack Chan Lee, Chul Hoon Cho, Joong Won Song, Jae Chan Namgung


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