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Vol. 8B, No. 4, April, 2001

Regression Model With High Reliability by Using Neural Networks
Yong Hyun Cho
Pattern Classification System for Remote Sensing Data using Voronoi Diagram
Ju Hyun Back, Hong Gi Kim
On - line Vector Quantizer Design Using Simulated Annealing Method
Geun Bae Song, Halng Sei Lee
A Piecewise Linear Transformation Method based on SPMF and Its Application to Linguistic Approximation
Dae Young Choi
A Reverse Segmentation Algorithm of Compound Nouns
Hyun Min Lee, Hyuk Ro Park
Measuring Reliability of POS Tagging Systems
Jae Hoon Kim
A Description Method of Korean Auxiliary Verbs Based on Conceptual Graph
Byeong Hee Lee, Oh Seok Kwon
Motion Detection Using Multiple Distributions for Background
Tai Hoon Cho, Young Kyu Choi
Image classification method using Independent Component Analysis , Neighborhood Averaging and Normalization
Jun Sik Hong, Jeong Woong Ryu, Sung Soo Kim
Orthogonal Wavelet Construction using Recursive Filter Bank
Jae Su Do
A Study on Improving the Performance of Binary S Using Baseline - Based Method Coding
Jung Hoon Park, Sang Ju Park
Creating highlights of Soccer video
Keun Hwan Jeon, Seong Yoon Shin, Yang Weon Rhee, Keun Ho Ryu
Study and Implementation of Remote Device Control by T.136 standardization
Dong Su Seong


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