Digital Library

Vol. 8B, No. 3, March, 2001

An Efficient Segmentation Based Recognition of Unconstrained Handwritten Touching Digits
Kye Kyung Kim, Jin Ho Kim, Hee Joo Park, Ki Dong Bu
Pattern Classification Using Hybrid Monte Carlo Neural Networks
Sung Hae Jun, Seong Yong Choi, Im Geol Oh, Sang Ho Lee, Hong Suk Jorn
Vector Quantization Using Cascaded Cauchy / Kohonen training
Geun Bae Song, Man Keun Han, Haing Sei Lee
Natural Language Information Retrieval by Fuzzy Inference
Hyun K Park, Jong Hoon Oh, Myoung Ho Kim, Key Sun Choi, Kwang Hyung Lee
Bayesian Automatic Document Categorization Using Apriori - Genetic Algorithm
Su Jeong Ko, Jung Hyun Lee
Continuous Media Stream Service Using Proxy Caching Based on Patching Scheme
Keon Hyo Baek, Yong Woon Park, Ki Dong Chung
CoWare / A Web - based Groupware for Effective Collaboration
Nam Doo Moon, Geon Tae Ahn, Jin Hong Kim, Chun Yong Han, Myung Hee Jung, Myung Joon Lee
A Collaborative Syschronous Web Browser Sharing
Moon Suk Kim, Mee Young Sung
A Study of Integrating Contents - Oriented Markup Language and SMIL using Style Language
Won Ik Lee, Sae Hun Yeom, Hye Ja Bang
A Study on Image Coding with Multiresolution Image and Visual Effects
Jin Tae Kim, Ha Sung Koo, Dong Wook Kim
Effective Image Watermarking Scheme Using Direct Matrix - Spread Spectrum Method
Young Park, Joo Shin Lee
Image Mosaicing Based on Normalized Correlation and Rectangle - to - Quadrilateral Perspective Transformation
Dong Keun Kim, Byung Tae Jang
Edge Enhanced Error Diffusion using an Adaptive Threshold Modulation
Tae Ha Kang, Byong Won Hwang


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