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Vol. 8B, No. 2, February, 2001

Implementation of Fuzzy Information Retrieval System Based on Fuzzy Relational Products
Chang Min Kim, Yong Gi Kim
Performance Improvement of the FLC by Membership Function Modification Algorithm
Wan Kyoo Choi, Moon Jai Jeong
An Efficient Extraction of Data Feature By Using Neural Networks of Hybrid Learning Algorithm
Yong Hyun Cho, Jung Hwan Yun, Yong Soo Park
Performance Improvement with Determination of Coefficients by Energy Function Analysis
Chi Yeon Park
Effective User Clustering Algorithm for Collaborative Filtering System
Su Jeong Ko, Kee Wook Rim, Jung Hyun Lee
Image Registration by Optimization of Mutual Information
Helen Hong, Myoung Hee Kim
Medical Image Database for Morphometric and Functional Analysis of Brain Images
Tae Woo Kim
Image Reconstruction of Transmission Tomography for Modified Penalized EM Gradient ( PEMG-1 ) Algorithm
Min Koo Song, Jeong Ki Park
Facial Features Detection Using Heuristic Cost Function
Kyung Shik Jang
A Study on Lip Print Recognition by using Pattern Kernels in Multi - Resolution Architecture
Kyoung Seok Paik, Chin Hyun Chung
Car License Plate Extraction and Recognition Using Vertical / Horizontal Intensity Variation and Circular Pattern Vector
Eung Joo Lee
3-D Object Representation Using Part - based Superquadric Model from Range Image
Sun Ho Lee, Tae Eun Kim, Jong Soo Choi
Wavelet based Image Compression with Band Independent Space Coding
Hyo Seo Park, Sang Ju Park
Content - Based Image Retrieval Using Shape Correlogram
Ki Hyun Nam, Young Shik Moon


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