Digital Library

Vol. 8B, No. 1, January, 2001

Efficient Form Document Classification Large using Partial Matching Method
Yung Cheol Byun, Yeong Woo Choi, Gyeong Hwan Kim, Yill Byung Lee
Phoneme Segmentation Method of Handwritten Hangul Based on Vowel Structure and Heuristic Rules
Hu Keun Kwak, Yeong Woo Choi, Kyu Sik Chung
Face Detection for Intelligent Video Conference System
Jae Hyun Park, Kyu Sik Park, Syng Yup Ohn, Chun Kuk Kim
3-D Facial Motion Estimation Using Iterative Extended Kalman Filter
Kang Ryoung Park, Jai Hie Kim
MPEG Video Source Modeling for Efficient ATM Network Analysis
Young Jun Kim, Seung Chan Kang
Motion Vector Recovery Based on Homogeneous Motion Area for H.263 Video Communications
Jung Hyun Kim, Nam Rye Son, Sung Chan Park, Seong Oun Hwang, Ki Song Yoon, Duk Joo Son, Guee Sang Lee
A Study on the Development of Selectable and Individual Moving Object Tracking Algorithm
Sung Il Kim
Image Segmentation By Watersheds Using Analysis of Co - occurrence Matrix
Moon Cheol Lim, Woo Saeng Kim
Design of the MIDAS-3 Disk Scheduler to Support Multimedia Stream Data
Joong Jae Nam, Yong Kyu Lee, June Kim
The Study on Development of a Multimedia Synchronization Algorithm for Internet Based VOD Services
Dae Jea Cho, Kee Young Yoo
Extension CM Toolkit for Discrete Media Processing
Yong Dae Kimb
Design and Implementation of the Parallel Multimedia File System on Fast Ethernet
Seong Ho Park, Gwang Moon Kim, Ki Dong Chung
Spelling Correction in Korean Using the ' Eojeol ' generation Dictionary
Young Sin Lee, Young Ja Park, Man Suk Song
Sparse Distributed Memory with Monotonic Decision Function
Hee Yong Kwon, Jung Woo Jang, Sung Joon Lim, Dong Sub Cho, Hee Yeung Hwang


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