Digital Library

Vol. 8A, No. 4, April, 2001

Design And Implementation of Linux Based Parallel Media Stream Server System
Seo Gyun Kim, Kyung Hoon Kim, Jae Sang Ryu, Ji Seung Nam
Double Queue Management for Reducing disk I / O of Web Servers
Mi Ryeong Yeom
A study of distributing the load of the LVS clustering system based on the dynamic weight
Suk Chan Kim, Young Rhee
The Design and Implementation of the Multimedia End - to - End Server I / O System based on Linux
Sang Jun Nam, Byung Rae Lee, Nam Sup Park, Yoon Jung Rhee, Tai Yun Kim
Transient Overloads Control Mechanism for Virtual Memory System
Young Woong Ko, Jae Yong Ah, Cheol Ho Hong, Hyuck Yoo
Design and Implementation of a Real Time Access Log for IP Fragmentation Attack Detection
Kyoung Wan Kug, Sang Hoon Lee
Design and Implementation of Embedded Linux Router
Min Kyu Joo, Kyung Hee Choi, Jong Su Kim, Jong Wuk Moon, Gi Hyun Jung
A Design and Implementation of the Real - Time VoIP Terminal System Based on Linux
Myoung Kun Lee, Sang Jeong Lee, Jung Min Seo, Jae Yong Lim
The Implementation and Performance Testing of Real Time Information Processing System
Yoon Seok Jeong, In Su Kim, Tae Wan Kim, Kee Cheon Kim, Chun Hyon Chang
Metadata Management of a SAN - Based Linux Cluster File System
Shin Woo Kim, Sung Eun Park, Yong Kyu Lee, Gyoung Bae Kim, Bum Joo Shin
An Efficient Recovery Technique using Global Buffer on SAN Environments
Choon Seo Park, Gyoung Bae Kim, Yong Ju Lee, Seon Yeong Park, Bum Joo Shin
The Blocking of buffer overflow based attack for Linux kernel
Jeong Nyeo Kim, Kyo Il Chung, Cheol Hoon Lee
E - BLP Security Model for Secure Linux System and Its Implementation
Jung Min Kang, Wook Shin, Chun Gu Park, Dong Ik Lee
Development of Java Class Library For E - Book Reader Systems on Embedded Linux Environment
Eun Jung Lee, Soo Sun Cho
The Design and Implementation of a Home Network Management System through a Web Browser
Bong Jin O, Chae Kyu Kim
A Dual Slotted Ring Organization for Reducing Memory Access Latency in Distributed Shared Memory System
Jun Sik Min, Tae Mu Chang
Design and Implementation of Real - Time Operating System for a GPS Navigation Computer
Jang Sik Bae, Dae Ki Song, Cheol Hoon Lee, Ho Jun Song
Improving Performance of Large Sparse Linear System Solvers On Distributed Memory Systems By Asynchronous Algorithms
Pil Seong Park, Soon Churl Shin
Prefetching Policy based on File Acess Pattern and Cache Area
Jae Deok Lim, Jun Hyoung Hwangbo, Kwang Sik Koh, Dae Wha Seo
An Efficient Dynamic Load balancing Strategy for Tree - structured Computations
In Jae Hwang, Dong Kweon Hong
Implementation and Performance Analysis of Group Communication using the COBBA & JAVA
Man Uk Choi, Yong Wan Koo
A Page Replacement Scheme Based on Recency and Frequency
Seung Hoon Lee, Jong Woo Lee, Seong Je Cho
Computer Graphics & Topology of High Speed System Emulator and Its Software
Nam Do Kim, Sei Yang Yang
Computer Graphics & A Localized Multiquadric ( MQ ) Interpolation Method on the Hyperbolic Plane
Hwa Jin Park
Computer Graphics & A Fast Fractal Image Compression Using The Normalized Variance
Jong Koo Kim, Do Yong Hamn, Young Cheul Wee, Ha Jine Kimn
A Study on Improvement of Wegmann`s method by Low Frequency pass Filter
Eun Jee Song
An Analysis System for Whole Genomic Sequence Using String B - Tree
Jeong Hyeon Choi, Hwan Gue Cho
Design of Multi - agent System for Course Scheduling of Learner - oriented using Weakness Analysis Algorithm
Tae Seog Kim, Jong Hee Lee, Keun Wang Lee, Hae Seok Oh


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