Digital Library

Vol. 8A, No. 2, February, 2001

Implementation of Component Support Statechart Tool for a Rapid Design of the Embedded System
Hong Jin Park, Young Chan Kim
Switchover Time Analysis of Primary - Backup Server Systems Based on Software Rejuvenation
Chae Sung Lee, Kie Jin Park, Sung Soo Kim
Remote Resource Control System based on Web Environment
Kee Jun Lee, Guk Yeoung Jung, Chai Yeoung Jung
Fault - Tolerant Multicasting in MIN - based Multicomputers using Cube Encoding Scheme
Jin Soo Kim, Jae Hyung Park, Myung Kyun Kim
A Register - Based Caching Technique for the Advanced Performance of Multithreaded Models
Hoon Joon Kouh, Young Feel Kwon, Weon Hee Yoo
Refined fixed granularity algorithm on Networks of Workstations
Bon Geun Goo
Benchmarks for Performance Testing of MPI - IO on the General Parallel File System
Sung Soon Park
Reducing the frequency of processor thrashing using guarantee / reservation in process migration
Jun Yeon Lee, Jae Hyun Lim
Study on High Speed Routers ( 1 ) - Labeling Algorithms for STC104
Hyo Jong Lee
Study on High Speed Routers ( 2 ) - Performance Analysis on Various Network Topology of STC104
Hyo Jong Lee
Computer Graphics & Motion Control on Animation Space
Ji Hun Park, Sung Hun Park
Shortest Path - Finding Algorithm using Multiple Dynamic - Range Queue ( MDRQ )
Tae Jin Kim, Min Hong Han


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