Digital Library

Vol. 8A, No. 1, January, 2001

The Design and Implementation of C Standard Library for RTOS Q+
Do Hyung Kim, Sung Min Park
Parallel Processing System with combined Architecture of SIMD with MIMD
Hyung Lee, Sung Hyuk Choi, Jung Bae Kim, Jong Won Park
An Expanded Real - Time Scheduler Model for Supporting Aperiodic Task Servers
Jae Hong Shim, Yeong Ill Kim, Kyung Hee Choi, Gi Hyun Jung, Hae Young Yoo
An Assignment Motion Algorithm to Suppress the Unnecessary Code Motion
Hyun Deok Shin, Heui Hak Ahn
Parallel Factorization using Quadratic Sieve Algorithm on SIMD machines
Yang Hee Kim
Computer Graphics & Curve Fitting with Recursive Ball Curve
Ah Ri Lee, Young Keun Choi
Computer Graphics & A Minimization Technique for BDD based on Microcanonical Optimization
Min Na Lee, Sang Young Cho
Computer Graphics & Neural Network based Variable Structure Control for a Class of Nonlinear Systems
Hyeon Ho Kim, Cheon Hee Yi
Computer Graphics & An Interactive Character Animation and Data Management Tool
Min Guen Lee, Myeong Won Lee
The Synchronization of WWW Browsers between Server and Client on Web - based Real - time Remote Lecture
Jum Sook Lee, Bu Kwon Lee, Yeon Geon Seo


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