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Vol. 7, No. 9, September, 2000

Transaction Management Technique to Support for Package Goods Sale in Electronic Commerce
Hee Young Choi, Bu Hyun Hwang, Gi Taek Hur
The Optimal Distributed Database System Design Using the Genetic Algorithm
Su Bum Ko, Sung Dae Youn
A Visual Language supporting Collaboration with Functional Attributes
Kyung Deok Kim
A Design and Implementation of CHILL Run - time System for Distributed Real - time Processing
Dong Gill Lee, Jong Hyun Jang, Eul Hyun Paik
A Disk Allocation Scheme for High - Performance Parallel File Systems
Kee Hyun Park
The Design of Hybrid Repository to store Pattern - Oriented Design Information based on UML
Han Yong Choi, Young Jae Song
A Study on the Process for Web Domain Applications Development Based on the UML + Navigation Diagram
Haeng Kon Kim, Ho Jun Shin
A Case Study of Platform Migration for an Object - Oriented CASE tool: OODesigner
Euy Seok Hong, Tae Gyun Kim
A Study on Development of Automatic Categorization System for Internet Documents
Kwang Rok Han, B . K . Sun, Sang Tae Han, Kee Wook Rim
Two - Level Clausal Segmentation using Sense Information
Hyun Jae Park, Yo Seop Woo
YDK ; A Thesaurus Developing System for Korean Language
Do Sam Hwang, Key Sun Choi
Verifiable Self - Certified Schemes for Authentication Service of Electronic Commerce
Mi Ri Joo, Bo Young Lee, Hyung Kyu Yang, Dong Ho Won
Design and Implementation of the Hybrid Messaging System Based on PKI
Jun Seok Lee, Ki Song Yoon, Yeon Jeong Jeong, Jae Ho Ock, Myung Joon Kim
A Deterministic Method of Large Prime Number Generation
Jung Gil Park, Bong Joo Park, Ki Young Baek, Wang Sung Chun, Jae Cheol Ryou
Design and Implementation of Web - Based Cyber Training System
Yong Hoon Lee, Pan Am Han
AO/DI Service Capacity of the TDX-10A Switching System
Kwang Ho Kook, Kang Won Lee, Seon Mi Hong, Tae Il Kim, Seog Ku Lim
Dynamic Resource Allocation Method to improve QoS in the Wireless ATM Networks
Jae Hong Lee, Seung Hwan Kim, Sun Sook Lee, Dong Heyok Jang
Performance Analysis of Sequential and Parallel Interworking Model for Connection Control of VB5.2 Interface
Choon Hee Kim, Young Wook Cha, Ki Jun Han
A Study on the Application of Alarm Signals for the Realization of OAM Function in the WDM Optical Transmission System
Chang Ki Lee, Young Wook Cha
Performance Improvement of Lazy Scheme for an Efficient Failure Recovery of Mobile Host
Won Seok Kwon, Sung Soo Kim, Jai Hoon Kim
Compensation Mechanism of Cell Delay Variation by Optimum Partial Timestamps on the ATM - to - Satellite Interface
Ha Jae Chung, Jeong Ho Kim, Chang Suk Oh
Color Image Segmentation for Content-based Image Retrieval
Sang Hun Lee, Choong Seon Hong, Yoon Sik Kwak, Dai Young Lee
Efficient Point - to - Multipoint ABR Flow Control Algorithm based on Congestion Depth
Hye Ryoun Chung, Tai Myoung Chung
Design and Performance Evaluation of An Efficient Transmission Rate Allocation Algorithm for ABR Services in ATM Networks
Myung Kyun Kim, Jung Suk Heo
Computer Graphics & Control of Bezier Curve Shapes by Midpoint Slope Handle
Wou Seok Jou, Hyuk Soo Jang, Tae Shik Lim
Image Segmentation Based on the Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm using Average Intracluster Distance
Hyun Jai You, Kang Sik Ahn, Seok Je Cho
Color Vision Based Close Leading Vehicle Tracking in Stop - and - Go Traffic Condition
Kwang Hyun Rho, Min Hong Han


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