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Vol. 7, No. 8, August, 2000

Paging Area Mechanism based on Variable Size Group and Dynamic Polling Sequence for Wireless ATM Network
Tae Ro Lee, Sung Won Lee, Chi Geun Han, In Tae Ryoo
ATM Network Security Technology and Data Protection Method
Jong Hyun Jang, Chi Moon Han, Dong Gill Lee
Performance Analysis on Link Quality of Handover Mechanism based on the Terminal Mobility in Wired and Wireless Integrated Networks
Oh Jun Kwon, Nam Hoon Park, Young Sun Kim, Sang Ha Kim
A Study on the Algorithms for Delay Fault Detection and Diagnosis on LAN based on RBR
Seong Jin Ahn, Jin Wook Chung, Kyu Oak Joe
Routing Scheme Supporting Users QoS in Layered Network
Geo Ung Kim, Byung Kwen Song, Myung Sook Jin
A Study on the Prevent the Illegal Access by Granting the Command Ranks
Yong Sung Lim, Duk Sung Jang, Hong Jung
Design and Implementation of the Multi - Agent System based on JATLite
Hae Su Lee, Duk Sung Jang
A Capability Measurement Scheme Using a Performance Analysis Model for the TMN EMS of ATM Switching Systems
Byeong Do Kang
ATM Networks Model Design
Myung Hye Park, Do En Oh, Sun Ic Kim, Jin Gee Lee, Seon Ku Cho
Performance and Quality Evaluation of TCP/IP Traffic over Satellite ATM Networks
Nae Soo Kim, Jung Gil Song
A Formal Model of Managed Objects with Temporal and Active Properties Using BDL
Eun Bok Choi, Bong Nam Noh
An Architecture of SNMP-based Network Management on the Active Network
Byeong Ki Lee, Kuk Hyun Cho
A Study on Planning for Leased-line Bandwidth based-on Web Traffic
Sang Hyeon Seo, Young Su Choi, Seong Jin Ahn, Jin Wook Chung
Design of QoS Manager related in Radio Resource Allocation within All - IP Network
Hee Chang Koh, Chang Jong Wang
A Study on WDM Multihop Network Modeling with Optical Component Losses
Jae Youn Song, Chang Bock Kim
A Recovery Technique Using Client - based Logging in Client / Server Environment
Yong Mun Park, Chan Seob Lee, Hee Soo Kim, Eui In Choi
Implementation of the Base Station Controller in IMT - 2000 System
Dong Myung Lee
Design and Implementation for Function of the Intelligent Network Service in the IMT - 2000 Mobile Switching Center
Soon Ryang Kwon
A High - reliable Light - weight Real - time Protocol
Hyung Hwan Kim, Seong Moon, Seong Bae Eun, Dong Sun Lim
Design of a protocol suite and a session identifier adaptation mechanism between GGSN and FA
Hyun Gon Kim, Yeong Jin Kim, Sun Bae Lim


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