Digital Library

Vol. 7, No. 7, July, 2000

A New Benchmark for Object - relational DBMSs
Sung Jin Kim, Sang Ho Lee
Design and Implementation of a Recovery Method for High Dimensional Index Structures
Seok Il Song, Seok Hee Lee, Jae Soo Yoo
Design of an Information Retrieval Indexing Method using XMI. Links
Eun Jung Kim, Jong Min Bae
Commitability and Integrity Verification of Workflow Specification with Petri Nets
Hee Taek Ceong, Do Heon Lee
Design and Implementation of Multipoint Videoconferencing System using H.323
Dong Su Seong, Hong Rae Kim, Mi Young Huh, Jin Ho Hahm
An Efficient Scheme to write a Transmission Schedule using Convergence after Interactive Operations in a Stored Video
Jae Hong Lee, Seung Hwan Kim
An Efficient List Scheduling Algorithm for Multiprocessor Systems
Gyung Leen Park, Hyun Seung Choo, Jeong Hoon Lee
Implementing Parameterized Modules in an Object-oriented Model with an Notion of Scope
Kee Hang Kwon, Hyun Sam Shin
Software Reliability Prediction Using Predictive Filter
Joong Yang Park, Sang Un Lee, Jae Heung Park
Bytecode Simulator for Analyzing Java Programs
Do Woo Kim, Min Soo Jung
A Design and Implementation of the Intelligent System for the Fire Fighting Control using Fuzzy Logic in Integrated Platform Management System
Woo Seok Hyun, Yong Gi Kim
A Document Ranking Method by Document Clustering Using Bayesian SOM and Bootstrap
Jun Hyeog Choi, Sung Hae Jun, Jung Hyun Lee
Combustion Control of Refuse Incineration Plant using Fuzzy Model and Genetic Algorithms
Jong Jin Park, Kyu Seok Choi
Permission Inheritance Expression with Role Hierarchy of RBAC
Sang Ha Lee, In June Jo, Eun Hong Cheon, Dong Kyoo Kim
Porting Point - to - Point Protocol (PPP) Software to an Embedded System
Seong Jong Choi
A Study on Minimization Method of Reading Error Range and Implementation of Postal 4 - state Bar Code Reader with Raster Beam
Moon Sung Park, Jae Gwan Song, Yun Seok Nam, Hye Kyu Kim, Hoe Kyung Jung
A Network - path based Web Cache Algorithm
Kyong Hoon Min, Hyuk Soo Jang
Rule - based Fault Detection Agent System for Fault Detection and Location on LAN
Kang Hong Cho, Seong Jin Ahn, Jin Wook Chung
Computer Graphics & A Study on Minimizing the Number of VDD/VSS Pins in Simultaneous Switching Environment
Yun Jeong Bae, Yun Ok Lee, Jae Ha Kim, Byung Gi Kim
Computer Graphics & Small Bands Enclosing a Set of Spherical Points and Local Accessibility Problems in NC Machining
Jong Sung Ha
An Improved Load Operand Referencing Scheme Using A Hybrid Predictor
Sung Kyo Choi, Kyung San Cho
A Dynamic Storage Allocation Algorithm with Predictable Execution Time
Sung Moo Jung, Hae Young Yoo, Jae Hong Shim, Ha Jine Kimn, Kyung Hee Choi, Gi Hyun Jung
Formal Verification of RACE Protocol Using VIS
Hyun Sun Um, Jin Young Choi, Woo Jong Han, An Do Ki, Kyu Hyun Shim
Extended Slack Stealing Algorithm for Improve Response Time of Aperiodic Tasks
Man Uk Choi, Dae Man Han, Yong Wan Koo
A Study on Korean Isolated Word Speech Detection and Recognition using Wavelet Feature Parameter
Jun Hwan Lee, Sang Burm Rhee
Segmentation of Continuous Korean Speech Based on Boundaries of Voiced and Unvoiced Sounds
Gang Ju You, Ok Keun Shin
Adaptive Predictive Image Coding of Variable Block Shapes Based on Edge Contents of Blocks
Jae Su Do, Ju Young Kim, Ik Hyeon Jang
An External Illumination and Noise Robust Method for Change Detection in Sequence Image
Yun Su Chung, Jae Han Kim, Jin Seok Kim, Yeong Chan Son


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