Digital Library

Vol. 7, No. 6, June, 2000

Design of Operation for Integrity of Past data in Multi-dimensional GIS
Dong Seon Park, Jae Hong Kim, Hae Young Bae
Meta Data Caching Mechanism in Distributed Directory Database Systems
Kang Woo Lee, Jin Gwang Koh
Design of Main-Memory Database Prototype System using Fuzzy Checkpoint Technique in Real-Time Environment
Yong Mun Park, Chan Seob Lee, Eul In Choi
A Push-Caching and a Transmission Scheme of Continuous Media for NOD Service on the Internet
Seong Ho Park, Eun Ji Lim, Tea Uk Choi, Ki Dong Chung
An Efficient Distributed Algoritm for the Weighted Shortest-path Updating Problem
Jeong Ho Park, Kyung Oh Lee, Kyu Chul Kang
A Study on the Design an Implementation Method of Computational Object Supporting CM Stream Interface in the Distributed Environment
Byung Kwen Song, Myung Sook Jin, Geonung Kim
An Effective Noraebang Service using Multicasting Technology
Tai Jun Hwang, Yo Seop Woo, Lk Soo Kim
Architecture Design to Reuse SNMP Agent Software
Young Hee Kwon, Young Jip Kim, Ae Soon Park, Eun Kyoung Cho, Yeon Seol Koo
An Empirical Study On Information Systems Operation Cost Estimation Model
Hyun Soo Kim
The Design and Implementation of XSL Document Authoring System Applying XSL Patterns
Jin Soo Kim, Sung Han Kim, Hoe Kyung Jung
User Profile Generation using Visual Differences of HTML Document
Ju Hyun Kwak, Chang Hoon Lee
Handwritten Numeral Recognition Based on Modular Neural Networks Utilizing Rotated and Translated Images
Kil Taek Lim, Yun Seok Nam, Sung Il Chien
A Study on Metamorphosed-Genetic Algorithms by Applying the Meiosis for the Chromosome
Deog Kyoo Lee, Soung Jun Ko, Seok Joo Yi, You Nam Kim, Hag Bae Kim
Two-Dimensional Hidden Markov Mesh Chain Algorithms for Image Dcoding
Bong Kee Sin
A Study of Genetic ALgorithm for Timetabling Problem
Jong Il Ahn
Kernel Adatron Algorithm of Support Vector Machine for Function Approximation
Kyung Ha Seok, Chang Ha Hwang
Specification and Analysis of Key Recovery System using ECTPN
Jeong Ho Ko, Sang Seung Kang, Eun Ah Jun, Gang Soo Lee
Extended Role Based Access Control Model with Multilevel Security Control
Hak Beom Kim, Ki Yoong Hong, Dong Kyoo Kim
A New Approach to the Verification of a Message Protocol : Fuzzy Integral
Seung Jung Shin, In Kue Park
Design And Implementation Of A Lecture Supporting Web Site Construction System Using Remote Execution Techniques
In Taek Leem, Jae Il Kim, Kyu Baek Song, Chong Gun Kim
Performance Analysis and High-Speed Design of PSS-type Viterbi Algorithm in Gaussan and Burst Noise Channel
Hyung Kyun Yang, Ji Won Jung
Design and Prototyping of Partial Connection Manager for Mobile Computing Service
Pyeong Jung Kim, Seok Hwan Yoon, Seong Il Jin
A Simple Approximation Method for Analyzing MIN Based Switching Architecture
Wonjae Choi, Hyunseung Choo, Young Song Mun
Recirculating Shuffle-Exchange Interconnection ATM Switching Network Based on a Priority Control Algorithm
Byoung Soo Park
Improved Wavelet Image Compression Using Correlation of VQ index
Jae Ho Hwang, Choong Seon Hong, Dae Young Lee
A Study on Consonant/Vowel/Unvoiced Consonant Phonetic Value Segmentation and Recognition of Korean Isolated Word Speech
Jun Hwan Lee, Sang Bum Lee
Automatic Visual Inspection System Development for Tarpaulin"s Pinholes Defect Detection
Choonsuk Oh, Hyun Min Lee
A Watermarking Technique Using Means and Differences of Neighboring Wavelet Transform Coefficient Pairs
Hyun Soon Kim, Sung Ho Bae, Kil Houm Park
A Constrast Conatrol Method for Real-Time Processing
Hwa Hyun Cho, Chul Ho Choi, Byong Heon Kwon, Myung Ryul Choi


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