Digital Library

Vol. 7, No. 5, May, 2000

Graphics & A Method for Generating Inbetween Frames in Sign Language Animation
Jeong Keun Oh, Sang Chul Kim
An Error Detection and Recovery System based on Multimedia Computer Supported Cooperative Work
Eung Nam Ko, Dae Joon Hwang
Development of a Rhythm Editing and Playing System Based on XML
Won Sung Sohn, Yong Kyu Lee
Hand Acupuncture Supporting System using Mixed Reality Scheme
Ki Ho Kim, Hwang Bin Ryou
Low Dimensional Modeling and Synthesis of Head - Related Transfer Function (HRTF) Using Nonlinear Feature Extraction Methods
Sang Won Suh, Ki Hong Kim, Ki Hong Kim, Hyun Suk Kim, Ee Taek Lee
An Efficient Distributed Algorithm to Solve Breadth - First Spannnig Tree Updating Problem
Jung Ho Park, Yoon Young Park, Suk Hyung Hwang
Applying Object - Oriented Technology for Development PDM Framework
Jeong Ah Kim
Extraction and Specification Technique of Java Components for Reuse of Java Programs
Sung Eun Lee, Young Ick Kim, Sung Yul Rhew
Early Criticality Prediction Model Using Fuzzy Classification
Euy Seok Hong, Yong Kil Kwon
The Design and Implementation of Test Phase Audit System
Kweon Dae Gon, Han Pan Am
Neural Network for Software Reliability Prediction with Unnormalized Data
Sang Un Lee
Formal Specification Methods for Distributed Object - Oriented Systems
Sang Bum Lee
An Implementation of Expert System with Knowledge Acquisition System
Euy Hyun Suh
Improving the Training Performance of Support Vector Machines Using Momentum
Yong Hyun Cho
A Study on Percepted Education Effectiveness of Simulator System in the Army Training Education
Young Jai Lee, Ho Jin Kim
Cycle Property in the (n,k)-star Graph
Jung Hwan Chang
On a Multiple-Cycle Binary Sequence Generator Based on S-box
Hoon Jae Lee
Term Distribution Threshold Models for Information Retrieval
Jae Hyun Lim, Tae Hong Min
Design and Implementation of Reed - Solomon Code for 2 - Dimensional Bar Code System
Seung Ju Jang
Development of a CDMA Field Engineering System
Chan Su Lee, Hee Kyoung Lim, Sung Cheol Hong, Jae Bong Lim, Yeong Rak Seong, Ha Ryoung Oh
An Efficient Migration Strategy of Mobile Agents for Data Mining
Hyeok Chan Kwon, Woo Jong Yoo, Heung Hwan Kim, Kwan Jong Yoo
Measurement of RTT for TCP Congestion Control
Eun Gi Kim
Design of Voice Conference System using Reliable Multicast
Ki Pyung Song, Kyung Chul Gu, Chi Hang Park, Gwang Hyun Kim, Tae Hoon Lee
Multiple Access Scheme for Realtime Multimedia in cdma2000
Jong Chan Lee, Hye Myoung Chung, Young Song Mun
Java Servlets Supporting Users Sessions
Jin Hong Kim, Hyun Rak Jung, Yang Su Park, Myung Joon Lee
Development of Data Transfer Program Using USB Interface
Se Il Jun, Doo Bok Lee
Design and Implementation of a CHILL96 Compiler Using C++ Intermediate Code
Chang Sup Keum, Joon Kyung Lee, Dong Gill Lee, Byung Sun Lee
An Efficient Video Indexing Method using Object Motion Map in Compressed Domain
So Yeon Kim, Yong Mang Ro
Shape Analysis and Representation of Handwritten Hangul Characters
Ki Cheon Hong, Il Seok Oh
A Block Based Temporal Segmentation Algorithm for Motion Pictures
Jae Do Lee, Joon Ho Park, Dae Seong Jeoune, Young Woo Yoon, Sang Gon Kim
Performance of Collaborative Filtering Agent System using Clustering for Better Recommendations
Byung Yeon Hwang
Design and Implementation of Workflow Management System
Dong Il Shin, Dong Kyoo Shin
Design and Implementation of an Internet Auction Agent System using Scheduling for Auto - bidding Policy
Jong Hee Lee, Tae Seog Kim, Keun Wang Lee, Hae Seok Oh
A Study on the Component Specification for Electronic Commerce System
Jung Eun Cha, Haeng Kon Kim
Design and Implementation of Reserved Interactive Transaction System for Electronic Commerce
Eung Soo Shim, Han Kyu Lim
A Study on Sales Agent using Case - Based Reasoning for Electronic Commerce
Baek Gyoon Sung, Sang Hee Kim, Duk Won Park
A Secure Mobile Agent Transfer Protocol in Mobile Agents Based E - Commerce System
Seung Wan Han, Hyeong Seok Lim
Real - Time Web Middleware Framework for Supporting Electronic Commerce
Eun Young Yoon, Yong Ik Yoon
Loyalty System as a Secure Payment Scheme in Multiple Internet Shopping Malls
Hye Suk Yoon, Young Kuk Kim, Hoon Choi, Seung Jae Hong
Optimal Brokerage Model using CSP Technique in Agent-Based Electronic Commerce
Jong Jin Jung, Ji Yeon Kim, Geun Sik Jo
A Construction of an Ontology Server and a Personalized Product Search Mechanism for Intelligent EC
Han Hyuk Chung, Eun Suk Lee, Joong Min Choi, Jung Hyun Han, Jun Ho Yi
A Development of Agent for the Consumer Decision Information Reuse and Efficient Management of EC System
Soon Mo Seo, Hae Sool Yang, Jung Ho Kim
The Design and Implementation of Internet Auction System Support Bidding Trace
Chung Seok Kim
On - line Circulation of Software Product based on Dynamic License Control
Woo Jun Kang, Ung Mo Kim


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