Digital Library

Vol. 7, No. 4, April, 2000

Design and Implementation of a Low-level Storage Manager for Efficient Storage and Retrieval of Multimedia Data in NoD Services
Ki Sung Jin, Jae Wuk Jung, Jae Woo Chang
Binary Searching Algorithm for High Speed Scene Change Indexing of Moving Pictures
Sung Chul Kim, Il Kyun Oh, Jong Whan Jang
A Study on the Design and Implementation of the Lightweight Object Model Supporting Distributed Trader
Myung Sook Jin, Byung Kwen Song
A Design and Implementation of Distributed Object Group Platform for Supporting Real-Time Application in CORBA Environments
Myung Hee Kim, Jae Wan Lee, Su Chong Joo
Reducing False Sharing based on Memory Reference Patterns in Distributed Shared Memory Systems
Seong Je Cho
A Cost-Effective Dynamic Redundant Bitonic Sorting Network for ATM Switching
Jae Dong Lee, Jae Hong Kim, Hong In Choi
Object-Oriented Components Reuse System using Enhanced SARM
Jung Soo Han, Young Jae Song
The Binomial Sensitivity Factor Hyper-Geometric Distribution SoftwareReliability Growth Model for Imperfect Debugging Environment
Seong Hee Kim, Joong Yang Park, Jae Heung Park
Analytical Validation of the SDL Metrics Set
Euy Seok Hong, Myung Hee Jung
Study on the Generation Methods of Composition Noun for Efficient Index Term Extraction
Mi Jin Kim, Mi Sung Park, Jae Hyuk Choi, Sang Jo Lee
Preprocessing of the French Sentence for Multilingual Information Processing
Lal Won Seo, Se Young Park, Seong Joo Yoo
The Measurement and Analysis of Cost Error in Simulated Annealing
Chul Eui Hong, Yeong Joon Kim
Improving the Performance of Statistical Automatic Text Categorization by using Phrasal Patterns and Keyword Sets
Jung Gi Han, Min Gyu Park, Kwang Je Cho, Jun Tae Kim
Autonomous Guided Vehicle Using Self-Organizing Fuzzy Controller
Young Nam Na, Yun Bae Lee
Design and Implementation of SENKOV System for he Semantic Processing of Korean Verbs
Yoo Jin Moon
A Study of Key Distribution and Authentication for Mobile Communication
Hee Un Park, Im Yeong Lee
The Design of Multicast Key Distribution Protocol based CBT(Core Based Tree)
Bong Han Kim, Jae Kwang Lee
An Intra-domain Network Topologyd Discovery Algorithm
Kyoung Hoon Min, Hyuk Soo Jang
A Fault-tolerant Task Scheduling Algorithm Supporting the Minimum Schedule Length
Byoung Joon Min
A Feedback Control Model for ABR Traffic with Long Delays
Chang Yun Oh, Sang Hyun Bae
A Design and Implementation of the Mobile Communication Simulator with Urban Traffic Characteristics
Young Hyun Yoon
Design and Implementation of Distributed Mutual Exclusion Lock Counter Algorithm
Seung Ju Jang
Handover Control Scheme Initiated by the Mobile Terminal in Wireless ATM LAN System
Nam Hoon Park, Young Sun Kim, Jun Kyun Choi, Sang Ha Kim
A New Criterion of Cell Discard in an ATM Switch with Input and Output Buffers
Se Dong Kwon, Hyun Min Park, Byeong Seong Choe, Jae Hyun Park
A Hardware Allocation and Binding Algorithm for ASIC Design
Ji Young Cho, Chi Ho Lin, Hi Seok Kim
A Design Methodology on Signal Paths for Enhanced Signal Integrity of High-speed Communication System and a BIST Design for Backplane Boards Testing
Jong Kwon Chang
The Approximation of Free-form Surface using Cubic Ball Curve
Ah Ri Lee, Jae Hong Shim
Location Management Strategy Based on Working Set for Personal Communications Network
Seong Bin Im, Young Ik Eom
Design And Performance Evaluation of Fault-Tolerant Continuous Media Storage System Based on PRRgp
Yu Young Oh, Sung Soo Kim
A Study on a Searching, Extraction and Approximation-Synthesis of Transition Segment in Continuous Speech
See Woo Lee
Design and Performance Analysis of Adaptive Pseudomedian Filter for Digital Image Enlargement
No Yoon Kwak, Byong Won Hwang


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