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Vol. 7, No. 3, March, 2000

The MAPN Modeling for the Distributed Bata Allocation based on Multiple Aspects
Seong Jin Park
Design and Implementation of a Korean Text to Sign I age Translation System
Kyung Hyuk Kwon, Yo Seop Woo, Hong Ki Min
Wavelet - Object Level - of - Detail Virtual presentation System
Ki Ho Kim, Hwang Bin Ryou
The Load Balancing Destage Algorithm of RAID5 Controller using Reference History
Yun Seok Chang, Bo Yeon Kim
Virtual Topology Design of Passive Star Networks using Genetic Algorithms
Hea Jin Jung, Kyu Bum Wee, Hong Jin Yeh, Man Pyo Hong
The Remote Access Algorithm by Object Replication
Dong Sic Yun, Byung Kwang Lee
XML based Software Architecture Specification Language for Reuse
Yoon Soo Lee, Kyung Seob Yoon, Chang Jong Wang
The Design and Implementation of Class Relation Information Tool from C++ Code
Duk Chul Jang, Chang Han Park
An Algorithm for Integrating Versions of Programs using Dynamic Slicing
Soon Hyung Park, Eun Yi Jung, Man Gon Park
A Study on the Development of Framework Using Component Based Methodology
Haeng Kon Kim, Eun Ju Han
Bayesian Analysis ware Reliability Growth Model with Negative Binomial Information
Hee Cheul Kim, Jong Goo Park, Byoung Soo Lee
Design and Implementation of a Scheduling Secretary Agent System Based on HTTP Client / Server Mechanism
Chang Hyeon Park, Ho Youl Jung
A Computer Programming for the Analysis of Crystal Structures
Jin Hee Kim
The extension of the IDEA Methodology for a multilevel secure schema design
Jung Jong Kim, Woon Jae Park, Gab Sig Sim
VIP / Sim ; Design and Implementation of Virtual Prototyping Simulator based on Statecharts
Chul Ung Kim, Sang Yong Han, Jin Young Choi, Jeong A Lee
Design and Performance Evaluation of OBP Satellite B - ISDN Transport Network Architecture
Seok Cheon Park
Implementation of High Performance Messaging Layer for Multi - purpose Clustering System
Jun Hee Park, Kyeong Deok Moon, Tae Geun KIm, Gih Wan Cho
Advanced Dynamic Threshold Buffer Management Scheme for Reducing Cell Loss Rate in ATM Switch
Yang Seob Kim, Hyuck In Kwon, Young Chan Kim
Computer Graphics & A Digital Terrain Simplification Algorithm with a Partitioning Method
Yoon Sig Kang, Woo Chan Park, Sung Bong Yang
Computer Graphics & A Band Partitioning Algorithm for Contour Triangulation
Young Kyu Choi, Tai Hoon Cho
A synchronization algorithm of migrating service object using Server Cooling algorithm
Jun Yeon Lee, Chang Min Kim
The Efficient Execution of Functional Language Loops on the Multithreaded Architectures
Sang Ho Ha
A Head Gesture Recognition Method based on Eigenfaces using SOM and PRL
Woo Jin Lee, Ja Young Koo
Medical Image Processing System for Morphometric and Functional Analysis of a Human Brain
Tae Woo Kim
A Study for the Real - Time Textile Dimension Inspection System Using Image Processing Technique
Eung Joo Lee, Sung Ho Bae
Face Recognition Applying a Preprocessing Technique to Minimize the Influence of Illumination
Hyun Nam Park, Hyung Je Cho
Image Coding Using DCT and Block Hierarchical Segmentation Finite - State Vector Quantization
Seong Hwan Cho, Eung Sung Kim
Statistical Tests for Edge Detection
Dong Hoon Lim, Sim Hee Sung
Standard Primitives Processing and the Definition of Similarity Measure Functions for Hanguel Character CAI Learning and Writer's Reconution System
Dong Uk Cho


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