Digital Library

Vol. 7, No. 2, February, 2000

A Development of HVF ( Hangul Vector Format ) for Internet GIS
Jin Yong Moon, Yong Wan Koo
A Multimedia Authoring System Supporting Dynamic Presentations
Sook Young Choi, Hyun San Shin, Kwan Jong Yoo
A Request Scheduling Strategy using Client's Buffer in VOD Systems
Kum Hee Han, Jong Hoon Kim, Yoo Hun Won
A Framework for Concurrency Control and Writing Authority Control in Collaborative Writing Systems
Jae Hong Woo, Mee Young Sung
Design of Application Sharing System for Collaborative Works in 3D Virtual Environment supporting Multi - Participants
Jin Hyun Tak, Sei Hoon Lee, Chang Jong Wang
A Study on Evolutionary Computation of Fractal Image Compression
Hwan Young Yoo, Bong Han Choi
Metrics Measuring a Quality based on Object - Oriented Design Characteristics
Yu Kyong Kim, Jai Nyun Park
A Pruning Algorithm for Network Structure Optimization in the Forecasting Climate System Using Neural Network
Kee Jun Lee, Myung A Kang, Chai Yeoung Jung
Election Protocol using Verifiable Interactive Oblivious Transfer and Blind Signature
Sang Choon Kim, Yong Ju Yi, Sang Ho Lee
Development of and electronic auction system using Java security
Doo Shik Yoon, Hyun Dong Park, Jong Hu Lee, Man Ho Lee, Jae Cheol Ryu
An Indexing Scheme for Efficient Retrieval and Update of Structured Documents Based on GDIT
Young Ja Kim, Jong Min Bae
An Optimal Allocation Mechanism of Location Servers in A Linear Arrangement of Base Stations
Kyung Shik Lim
A Hand - off Algorithm for Performance Improvement in the Reuse Partitioning Systems
Young Chul Lee, Min Hong Kim, Jae Sung Lim, Ha Jine Kimn
A Probabilistic Seamless Communication Method to Provide Multimedia Services in Mobile Networks
Yoon Jeong Kim, Ihn Han Bae
Development on Intrusion Detection , Based on Blackboard Architecture
Woo Chul Shin, Jong Uk Choi
Design and Implementation of a Speech Synthesis Engine and a Plug - in for Internet Web Page
Hee Man Lee, Ji Yeong Kim
Design of a Low Power MicroController Core for Intellectual Property applications
Kwang Youb Lee, Dong Yup Lee
Volume Visualization System Using an Analytical Ray Casting
Hyun Woo Park, Doo Won Paik, Moon Ryul Jung
The Node Scheduling of Multi - Threaded Process for CC - NUMA System
Jeong Nyeo Kim, Hae Jin Kim, Cheol Hoon Lee
Performance Improvement on RAID System with Parity Declustering
Tae Mu Chang
Real - Time Scheduler with Extended Schedulability Testing for Mach Kernel Reconfiguration
Jin Yeol Ryu, Kwang Kim, Shin Heu
A Study on 16 / 32 bit Bi - length Instruction Set Computer 32 bit Micro Processor
Gyoung Youn Cho
Design of High Performance Robust Vector Quantizer for Wavelet Transformed Image Coding
Tae Yeon Jung, Je Su Do
The Presentation of Semi - Random Interleaver Algorithm for Turbo Code
Sung Won Hong, Jin Soo Park
Automatic Brain Segmentation for 3D Visualization and Analysis of MR Image Sets
Tae Woo Kim
A Study on Face Recognition using a Hybrid GA - BP Algorithm
Ho Sang Jeon, Jae Chan Nam Gung
A Study on the Automatic Generation of Digital Elevation Map based on Contour Map
Hea Jung Kim, Joon Seek Kim
Facial Feature Extraction in Reduced Image using Generalized Symmetry Transform
Young Hye Paeng, Sung Hwan Jung


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