Digital Library

Vol. 7, No. 12, December, 2000

Design and Implementation of an Instance Access Handling System for Supporting Schema Evolution
Min Jin, Bong Jin Kim
A Similarity Computation Algorithm Based on the Pitch and Rhythm of Music Melody
Jong Sik Mo, So Young Kim, Kyong I Ku, Chang Ho Han, Yoo Sung Kim
Design of a Z39.50 Server, and Integration of the Z39.50 Server and Database Engines using COBRA
Jae Soo Yoo, Chung Beom Son
A Real - Time Synchronization Mechanism for Distributed Multimedia Applications
Young Sook Park, Syung Won Lee, Gi Dong Chung
Measurement - Based Adaptive Statistical Admission Control Scheme for Video-On-Demand Servers
In Hwan Kim, Jeong Won Kim, Seung Won Lee, Ki Dong Chung
Design and Implementation of a Monitor Checking the Execution Time of Real - time Object - oriented Programs
Byoung Joon Min, Jae Young Choi, Jung Guk Kim, Moon Hae Kim
The Minimum Requirements for Solving Election Problem in Asynchronous Distributed Systems
Sung Hoon Park
Neural Network Modeling for Software Reliability Prediction of Grouped Failure Data
Sang Un Lee, Yeong Mok Park, Soo Jin Park, Jae Heung Park
Design and Implementation of Conversion System from UML Class Diagram to XML DTD
Do Seok Hong, Yan Ha, Yong Sung Kim
Implementation of An Automatic Program Generator for Transforming CASE Data Format into CDIF Format
Sang Hyun Bae, Young Kwang Nam, Gyu Sang Shin
Design and Implementation of Intelligent Digital Controllers with Self - Validating Sensors
Seung You Na, Hee Jong Bae
Resolving the Ambiguities in Word Sense by using Automatic Keyword Network in Information Retrieval
Duk Sung Jang, Jung Sae Kim
Long - Term Memory and Correct Answer Rate of Foreign Exchange Data
Sek Jun Weon
Alleviating Semantic Term Mismatches in Korean Information Retrieval
Bo Hyun Yun, Sung Jin Park, Hyun Kyu Kang
A Watermarking Scheme to Extract the Seal Image without the Original Image
Jong Chan Lee, Won Gyum Kim, Won Don Lee
Media Scaling Technology for MPEG Video Service on Heterogeneous Network Environment
Woo Jong Yoo, Kwan Jong Yoo, Heung Ki Lee, Sung In Lee, Jung In Lee
Implementation of Communication Protocol between Control Centers using ICCP
Kyung Soo Jang, Byung Wook Chang, Kyung Duk Hahn, Dong Ryeol Shin
A Rate Adaptation Method in Mobile Networks
Hyun Joon Cho
Traffic Parameter Mapping and Its Considerations on Frame Relay / ATM Interworking
Ik Hyeon Jang, Yoon Seok Nam
Design of RCNC ( Random Connection Node Convolutional ) Code with Security Property
Hyung Yun Kong, Sang Bock Cho, Chang Hee Lee
A Study on Algorithm for the Wavelength and Routing Assignment Problem on All - optical Tree Networks
Soon Seok Kim, Sang Su Yeo, Sung Kwon Kim
An Optimized Cache Coherence Protocol in Multiprocessor System Connected by Slotted Ring
Jun Sik Min, Tae Mu Chang
Understanding Objects ; An Action Semantics Approach
Kyung Goo Doh
On Design for Elimination of the Merging Delay Time in the Multiple Vector Reduction ( Inner Product )
Young Il Cho, Hyeok Ryool Kweon
The Extraction of Car - Licence Plates using Combined Color Information of HIS and YIQ
Hwa Jin Lee, Hyung Chul Park, Byung Hwan Jun


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