Digital Library

Vol. 7, No. 11, November, 2000

Development of a Tuning Aid for Database Systems
Sang Ho Lee, Ki Duk Ahn, Jeong Seok Oh
PML - tree Parallel Spatial Index Structure for Large Spatial Databases
Kap San Bang
Extraction of Superimposed - Caption Frame Scopes and Its Regions for Analyzing Digital Video
Moon Cheol Lim, Woo Saeng Kim
Design and Implementation of a Structure and Content - based Multimedia Document Retrieval System
Du Seok Jin, Jeong Jae Lee, Jae Woo Chang
A Design of Load Conditioning Algorithm In Fault-Tolerant System using Self-learning
Soon Ju Chang, Yong Wan Koo
Cohesion Measure by the Decreasing Factors for an Object - Oriented Paradigm
Sung Ae Kim, Wan Kyoo Choi, Sung Joo Lee
An Input Domain - Based Software Reliability Growth Model
Joong Yang Park, Dong Woo Seo, Young Soon Kim
Design and Implementation of Software Quality Evaluation System Using Process Parameters
Joon Kil Lee, Ki Tae Kwon
Performance Improvement of General Regression Neural Network Using Principal Component Analysis
Yong Hyun Cho
An Intelligent Mobile Agent System with Planning Capability
Hwang Hee Seok, In Cheol Kim
A Study on Automatic Extraction of Core Sentences from Document using Word Cooccurrence Graph
Ryu Je, Kwang Rok Han, Seok Won Sohn, Kee Wook Rim
A Multi - password Management Scheme using Pseudopia Function
Hwa Sik Jang, Weon Shin, Kyung Hyune Rhee
A Methodology for Evaluating Intrusion Detection Systems
Shin Geun Yoo, Nam Hoon Lee, Young Chul Shim
An Improvement on Computation Cost and Compression Ratio of Vector Quantization
Il Hwa Jung, Choong Seon Hong, Dai Young Lee
Development of Distance Learning Tools Based on Object - Oriented Programming Technique
Hyo Jong Lee
A Dynamic Bandwidth Tuning Mechanism for DQDB in Client - Server Traffic Environments
Jeong Hong Kim, Oh Seok Kwon
An Extended FA - based Multicast Routing for Mobile IP - based Multicasting
Pil Yong Kang, Yong Tae Shin
The Self-healing Method using Services Level in ATM-VP Network
Dong Wook Lee, Choong Seon Hong, Dae Young Lee
The Implementation of a Media Player on Q+ Real - time Operating System
Chang Sik Cho, Pyeong Soo Mah
Performance Evaluation of Disk Scheduling Schemes in a VOD System
Yong Hee Jeon, Sang Hag Lee
Integration of The Web and An OODBMS
Wan Seok Kim, Jang Sun Lee, Young Kee Song, Jin Sub Park, Myung Joon Kim, Kil Nok O
Computer Graphics & The Matching of Free - Form surface using Motion - based RMC
Chul Ho Park
Computer Graphics & Synthesizable Synchronous VHDL Code Generator Design and Implemetation from SpecCharts
Seong Jo Yun, Jin Young Choi, Sang Yong Han, Jeong A Lee
Analysis of Camera Operation in MPEG2 Compressed Domain Using Generalized Hough Transform Technique
Won Young Yoo, Jeong Il Choi, Joon Whoan Lee
A Secret Key Watermarking for Authentication and Integrity
Chan Il Woo, In Chul Shin
A Study on Implementation of Printed Character Recognition System And Performance Evaluation
Min Soo Kim, Eun Young Kang, Woo Sung Kim, Sun Hwa Han, Jin Hyung Kim
Texture Images Segmentation by Combination of Moment & Homogeneity Features
Moon Jung Mo, Jong Seok Lim, Woo Beom Lee, Wook Hyun Kim
Design and Implementation of EDI Document Exchange system based on XMI.
Young Tae Im, Woo Yong Han, Hoe Kyung Jung
A Study on the Domestic IPv6 Evolution Strategy for Next Generation Internet
Myung Ki Shin, Yong Jin Kim, Chee Hang Park
Design and Implementation of an Access Control System for XML Documents on the Web
Yong Kyu Lee
An Integrated QoS Management System for Large - Scale Heterogeneous IP Networks Design and Prototype Implementation
Tae Sang Choi, Hyung Seok Chung, Hee Sook Choi, Chang Hoon Kim, Tae Soo Jeong
The Construction of QoS Integration Platform for Real-time Negotiation and Adaptation Stream Service in Distributed Object Computing Environments
Byung Taek Jun, Myung Hee Kim, Su Chong Joo
A Study on the Development of MGCP and SDP Stack for VoIP Standard Protocols
Kwang Man Ko
Improvement of Handoff Protocol for Real - Time Packet Transmission in Cellular Wireless Networks
Seung Jin Han, Jung Hyun Lee
Performance Analysis of Threshold - based Bernoulli Priority Jump Traffic Control Scheme
Do Kyu Kim
On - line Circulation of MP3 Digital Music based on Digital Rights Management Technology
Woo Jun Kang, Ung Mo Kim
A Study on the Implementation of Law Information Retrieval System
Jae Hong Min, Pyung Dong Cho, Jin Hyuk Yang, Pyung Koo Park, In Jeong Chung
Performance Enhancement of Mobile IP Using Dynamic Local Registration Scheme
In Yong Hwang, Hong Shik Park
A Study on Improving the Fairness by Dropping Scheme of TCP over ATM
Dong Cheol Yuk, Seung Seob Park
Design and Implementation of a Dynamic Robot Agent System Considering the Servers Workload
Kyoo Seok Park, Chung Seok Lee, Sung Kim
Virtual Object Generation using No - Zippering Method
Ki Ho Kim, Hwang Bin Ryou


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