Digital Library

Vol. 7, No. 10, October, 2000

Performance Analysis of A Distributed Shared Memory Multiprocessor System Using PARSEC
Joon Seok Park, Chang Ho Jeon
Scalable Scheduling for Shared Memory Multiprocessors
Oh Han Kang
A Study on F77/J++ Code Generator for Integration Object Management Model
Su Kyun Sun, Yong Jea Song
A Design of Requirement Engineering Process Model Based on CSCW Environment
Won Woo Lee, Sung Yul Rhew, Man Soo Hwang
Text Area Segmentation and Layout Vectorization of Off-line Handwritten Forms
Oh Seok Kwon, Byeong Yong Kim
Perceptron-like SOM: Generalization of SOM
Geun Bae Song, Haing Sei Lee
A Neural Scheduling Method for Efficient Use of Distributed Multi-Agent System
Jong Pil Jeong, Kee Jun Lee, Chai Yeoung Jung
A Method for Reactive Scheduling using Rule-based Constraint Satisfaction Problem
Chul Soo Kim
A Study on Comparison between the Vibration Characteristics of the King Songdok Bell and the human Body
Jong Won Jeon, Yong Ohk Chin
Efficient On-Line Secret Sharing scheme based on One-way Hash Function
Seung Joo Kim, Dong Ho Won, Soo Hyun Oh
Design of YK2 Cipher Algorithm for Electronic Commerce Security
Sung Yul Rhew, Young Ku Kang
Design and Implementation of School Affairs Management System using PHP on the Internet
Yong Wan Koo, Jin Yong Moon
A Study of Character Recognition using Adaptive Algorithm at the Car License Plate
Seung Ju Jang
Utilization of the Route Table for the Agent`s Move in the Game Map
Hyuk Kang, Dong Hee Shim
A Development of Web-based Integrated Security Management System for Firewalls
Dong Soo Kim, Dong Young Lee, Tai Myoung Chung, Seung Sun Hong
A Dynamic Programming for Solving Resource Allocation Problems in Video-on-Demand Service networks
Myeong Rai Cho
A Study on The Real-time Prediction of Traffic Flow in the ATM Network
Yun Seok Kim, Yong Ohk Chin
Performance Analysis of the High-speed Internet Access Method
Yeon Sook Kim, Jung Tae Lee, Gil Yong Kim
Erlang Capacity for the Reverse Link of a IS-95 Cellular System According to Approximation Method in Shadowing Channel
Young Park, Hang Rae Kim
Interference Cancellation for Multiuser under the Environment of DS/CDMA System
Byung Kwan Lee, Hak Chun Kim
A Partial Enhanced Scan Method for Path Delay Fault Testing
Won Gi Kim, Myung Gyun Kim, Sungho Kang, Gunhee Han
The Design and Implementation of the System for Processing Well-Formed XML Document on the Client-side
Soo Youn Lee, Jong Chul Song, Gyu Tae Kim, Byung Joo Moon, Gi Chai Hong, Hyun Soo Cheong
Translation utilizing Dynamic Structure from Recursive Procedure & Function in C to VHDL
Jeong A Lee, Seung Wan Hong
A Strategy To Reduce Network Traffic Using Two-layered Cache Servers for Continuous Media Data on the Wide Area Network
Yong Woon Park, Ki Dong Chung, Kun Hyo Beak
Fast VQ Codebook Search Algorithms Using Index Table
Dae Young Lee, Jae Ho Hwang, Choong Seon Hong, Yoon Sik Kwak
Selective Volume Rendering Using Global Shape Information
Myoung Hee Kim, Helen Hong
Digital Watermarking using the Channel Coding Technique
Jae Hoon Choi, Chang Seok Bae, Yoon Sik Choe, Dong Wan Seo
A Recognition of Power Distributed Facility Map Based on Circularity and Connectivity of Line
Bong Jae Lee, Gye Young Kim, Seon Ku Cho, Chil Sung Han


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