Digital Library

Vol. 6, No. 9, September, 1999

An Active Temporal Rule Model for a Nuclear Plant Monitoring System
Nam Kwang Woo, Park Jeong Seok, Ryu Keun Ho
EPR ; Enhanced Parallel R-tree Indexing Method for Geographic Information System
Yi Choon Kun, Kim Jeung Won, Kim Young Ju, Chung Ki Dong
A Study on the Scene Change Detection on the Content-Based Domain
Lee Hae Moon, Oh Il Kyun, Lee Jae Yeon, Bae Young Rae, Jang Jong Whan
Comparison of Genetic Algorithms and Simulated Annealing for Multiprocessor Task Allocation
Park Kyeong Mo
Global Internet Computing Environment based on Java
Kim Hie Cheol, Shin Pil Sup, Park Young Jin, Lee Yong Doo
Optimal Multicast Algorithm and Architecture-Dependent Tuning on the Parameterized Communication Model
Lee Ju Young
Hyper-Geometric Distribution Software Reliability Growth Model ; Generalization , Estimation and Prediction
Park Joong Yang, Yoo Chang Yeul, Park Jae Heung
The Study of Class Library Design for Reusable Object-Oriented Software
Lee Hae Won, Kim Jin Seok, Kim Hea Gju, Ha Soo Cheol
A Reusability Measurement of the Reused Component by Employing Rough and Fuzzy Sets
Kim Hye Kyoung, Choi Wan Kyoo, Lee Sung Joo
Multiple Perspective Business System Modeling Using Unified Modeling Language
Kim Jong Woo, Kim Jin Sam, Cho Jin Hee, Jeon Jin Ok
On the Efficiency Comparison of Dynamic Program Slicing Algorithm using Multiple Criteria Variables
Park Soon Hyung, Park Man Gon
A Study on the Error Correction of Postal Barcode to Increase the Performance of Automatic Processing in Mail Items
Park Moon Sung, Woo Dong Chin, Kim Hye Kyu
An Improvement of Function Point Models for Software Cost Estimation
Kim Hyun Soo
Heuristic Algorithms for Rural Postman Problems
Kang Myung Ju, Han Chi Geun
Automatic Classification of Documents Using Word Correlation
Shin Jin Seob, Lee Chang Hoon
Automatic generation of polynomial orderings in rewrite systems
Lee Jung Mi, Suh Jae Kwon, Wee Kyu Bum
Secure logging system with self-protecting function
Kim Min Soo, Noh Bong Nam
Modified Slow Start Algorithm for Network Congestion Control
Nam Ji Seung, Jo Jin Yong, Lim Jung Kyun
Necessity Analysis and Link Budget of Two Way Paging Earth Station for Satellite
Chang Dae Ig, Kim Dae Young
Forecasting Technique of Line Utilization based on SNMP MIB-II Using Time Series Analysis
Hong Won Taek, Ahn Seong Jin, Chung Jin Wook
A Formal Modeling for Temporal and Active Properties of Managed Object Behaviour
Choi Eun Bok, Lee Hyung Hyo, Noh Bong Nam
Development of Telecommunication Network Management Agents using Farmer Model on Distributed System
Lee Kwang Hyung, Park Soo Hyun
Computer Graphics & The Generation of Free-Form Surface using Scattered Data Interpolation
Lee Ah Ri, Park Chul Ho, Sim Je Hong
Design and Implementation of the Application-independent RTP Communication Module
Park Sang Hyun, Park Sang Yun, Kim Myung Joon, Eom Young Ik
Access Frequency Based Selective Buffer Cache Management Strategy For Multimedia News Data
Park Yong Woon, Seo Won Il, Chung Ki Dong
Performance Comparisons of Duplex Scheme and Checkpointing Schemne for Fault-Tolerant Real-Time Systems
Lim Sung Hwa, Kim Jai Hoon, Kim Sung Soo
The Extraction of Camera Parameters using Projective Invariance for Virtual Studio
Han Seo Won, Eum Kyoung Bae, Lee Joon Whaon
A Universal Controller Design for a-Si TFT LCD of SXGA Class
Park Byong Ki, Choi Chul Ho, Park Jin Sung, Kwon Byong Hoen, Choi Myung Ryul
Removal of the Ambiguity of Images by Normalization and Entropy Minimization and Edge Detection by Understanding of Image Structures
Cho Dong Uk, Baek Seung Jae


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