Digital Library

Vol. 6, No. 8, August, 1999

Design of the UCM ( United CGI Management ) System for WWW Database Interface
Kim Eun Kyoung, Hwang Byung Yeon
Multiobjective Distributed Database System Design using Genetic Algorithms
Lee Jae Uk, Ko Suc Bum, Jo Jung Bok, Mitsuo Gen
Design and Implementation of the Query Processor and Browser for Content-based Retrieval in Video Database
Lee Hun Soon, Kim Yong Keol, Bae Young Lae, Jin Seong Il
Design and Implementation of the Massive Underwater Acoustic Database System
Jung Gi Hyun, Choi Jae Yong, Dho Kyeong Chul, Kim Eung Boem
Hybrid Video Information System Supporting Content-based Retrieval and Similarity Retrieval
Youn Mi Hwi, Yoon Yong Ik, Kim Kio Chung
The Design of Intrarmedia Synchronization based QoS
Park Hong Jin, Lee Jun Yeon, KIm Chang Min
An Efficient Duplication Based Scheduling Algorithm for Parallel Processing Systems
Park Gyung Leen, Choo Hyun Seung
A Study on Bayesian Approach of Software Stochastic Reliability Superposition Model using General Order Statistics
Lee Byoung Soo, Kim Hee Cheul, Paik Su Ki, Chung Kwan Hee, Yoon Ju Yong
Detecting Errors and Checking Consistency in the Object-Oriented Design Models
Chong Ki Won, Cho Yong Sun, Kwon Sung Goo
A Construction Method of the Software Reuse Framework using Behavior Patterns
Lee Kee O, Rhew Sung Yul
The Capacity of Core-Net ; Multi-Level 2-Layer Neural Networks
Park Jong Joon
Efficient Decision Making Support System by Rough-Neural Network and x²
Chung Hwan Mook, Pi Su Young, Choi Kyoung Oak
A Robust Korean Spoken Language Parsing Based on Core Concept
Noh Seo Young, Jung Cheon Young, Seo Young Hoon
The Study on the Upper-bound of Labeling Number for Chordal and Permutation Graphs
Jeong Tae Eui, Han Keun Hee
Design of Authentication Protocol for IMT-2000
Kang Hyung Woo, Yoon E Joong, Lee Su Yoon, Park Chang Seop, Lee Dong Hoon
Design and Implementation of a Secure Electronic Payment System on Internet
Park Hyun Dong, Lee Eun Sung, Song Sang Heon, Kang Shin Gak, Park Jeong Soo, Ryou Jae Cheol
Total Ordering Algorithm over Reliable Multicast Protocol using Token Passing Mechanism
Yoon Jun, Won Yoo Jae, You Kwan Jong
Test Case Generation for Conformance Test of DSM-CC U-U
Kim Young Gyu, Lee Ok Bin, Kim Hak Suh, Kwon Young Duk, Lee Sang Ho
Analysis of Cell Stream Scheme and Service Transmission using Time-Stamp Method in the Wireless ATM
Kim Jeong Ho
Call Admission Control in ATM by Neural Networks and Fuzzy Pattern Estimator
Lee JIn Yi
Computer Graphics & Bus and Register Optimization in Datapath Synthesis
Shinn Kwan Ho, Yi Keun Kan
Computer Graphics & Incremental Techniques for Timing Analysis Considering Timing and Circuit Structure Changes
Oh Jang Wook, Han Chang Ho
Computer Graphics & A Modified Bresenham's Line Drawing Algorithrn Using Symmetrical Property of Line Segment
Lee Sang Rak, Hong Youn Sik
Systolic Arrays for Edge Detection of Image Processing
Park Duck Won
Fault Tolerant System Modeling based on Real-Time Object
Lim Hyung Taek, Yang Seung Min
Weighted Competitive Update Protocol for DSM Systems
Lim Sung Hwa, Baek Sang Hyun, Kim Jai Hoon, Kim Sung Soo
Retargetable Intermediate Code Optimization Systern Using Tree Pattern Matching Techniques
Kim Jung Sook, Oh Se Man
Gesture Recognition Using Stereo Tracking Initiator and HMM for Tele-Operation
Jeong Jee Won, Lee Yong Bum, Chien Sung Il
A Hierarchical Block Matching Algorithm Based on Camera Panning Compensation
Kwak No Yoon, Hwang Byong Won


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