Digital Library

Vol. 6, No. 7, July, 1999

Building Database using Character Recognition Technology
Hahn Sun Hwa, Lee Chung Sik, Lee Joon Ho, Kim Jin Hyung
Efficient Incorporation of Tertiary Storage in a Multimedia DBMS
Moon Chan Ho, Kang Hyun Chul
Design and Implementation of Realtime 3D Sight Simulation System on Internet
Kim Byung Soo, Yi Ji Hyoung, Lim Chang Young
A Development of Software MPEG-1 Playback System
Park Tae Kang, Lee Ho Suk
Parallel Paths in Folded Hyper-Star Graph
Lee Hyeong Ok, Choi Jung, Park Seung Bae, Lim Hyeong Seok
Design and Implementation of an Efficient Migration Policy for Mobile Agents
Jeon Byung Kook, Choi Young Keun
Web-based Distributed Parallel Computing Environment with Multi-Managing Method
Maeng Hye Seon, Han Tack Don, Kim Shin Dug
ToyLotos / Ada ; Object-Behavior Simunulation System for Developing a Real-time Ada Software
Lee Kwang Yong, Oh Young Bae
A Study on the Object-Oriented Program Slicing using Module Class Dependency Graph
Kim Woon Yong, Jung Kye Dong, Choi Young Keun
Modeling and Analysis of Flexible Compose Schedule of FMC
Lee Jong Kun
A Study on the Hangeul Confusion Character Recognition Using Fractal Dimensions and Attractors
Son Young Woo, Namkung Jae Chan
Relevance Feedback Agent for Improving Precision in Korean Web Information Retrieval System
Back Jun Ho, Choi Jun Hyeong, Lee Jung Hyun
An N-version Learning Approach to Enhance the Prediction Accuracy of Classification Systems in Genetics-based Learning Envirornments
Kim Yeong Joon, Hong Chul Eui
A New Memory-Based Reasoning Algorithm using the Recursive Partition Averaging
Cheong Tae Sun, Lee Hyeong Il, Yoon Chung Hwa, Kang Kyung Sik
Real-Time Denial of Service Detection Algorithm Based on Analysis of Network Packets
Lee Kyung Ha, Eun You Jin, Chung Tai Myoung
The Design of Host-based Intrusion Detection Module using Fuzzy Petri-net for UNIX
Eun You Jin, Kim Min Soo, Noh Bong Nam
A Study on Synchronization for ATM Terminal
Choi Seung Kuk
Java API for Native ATM Services
Sung Jong Jin, Lee Keun Ku, KIm Jang Kyung
Design and Implementation of Real-Time Teleconferencing System using the Simplified Resource Reservation on Real-Time CORBA Supporting RIOP
Hyun Ho Jae, Hong Sung Joon, Han Sun Young
Design and Verification of Satellite B-ISDN Signalling Protocol
Park Seok Cheon, Choi Dong Young, Kang Sung Yong
Computer Graphics & Specification and Synthesis of Speed-independent Circuit using VHDL
Jung Sung Tae
Computer Graphics & VLSI Design for Automatic Magnetizing and Inspection System
Lim Tae Young, Yi Cheon Hee
A Design and Implementation of Run-time Support Systern for Concurrent Processing of the CHILL
Ha Soo Cheol, Cho Cheol Hye
Dynamic Threshold Method For Cut Detection
Yoon In Ku, Kim Woo Saeng
B-Spline Representation of Active Contours by Dynamic Programming
Kim Dong Keun
Recognition of Multi-Target Objects Using Passive AVI Techniques
Cho Dong Uk, Kim Joo Won
Implementation of Neural Filter Optimal Algorithms for Image Restoration
Lee Bae Ho, Moon Byoung Jin


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