Digital Library

Vol. 6, No. 6, June, 1999

Design and Implementation of a Query Processor for Document Management Systems
Woo Jong Won, Yoon Seung Hyeun, Yoo Jae Soo
A Design and Implementation of IRDS-based Repository on Distributed Object Environment
Yeom Tai Jin, Park Jae Hyoung, Li Zi, Kim Ki Bong, Jin Seong Il
Improving Visual Object Query Language ( VOQL ) by Introducing Visual Elements and Visual Variables
Lee Suk Kyoon
Design and Performance Evaluation of an Indexing Method for Partial String Searches
Kang Seung Heon, Yoo Jae Soo
Uniform Load Distribution Using Sampling-Based Cost Estimation in Parallel Join
Park Ung Kyu
Implementation of Web-based Information System for Full-text Processing
Kim Sang Do, Moon Byung Joo, Ryu Keun Ho
Implementation of T.130 Multimedia Conferencing System over LAN ( Local Area Network )
Kang Myung Ho, Kim Hong Rae, Seong Dong Su, Huh Mi Young, Hahm Jin Ho, Seong Kwang Su
An Improved Adaptive Job Allocation Method for Multiprocessor Systems
Ok Ki Sang, Park Joon Seok, Lee won Joo, Jeon Chang Ho
Efficient Transformations Between Binary Images and Quadtrees on a Linear Array with Reconfigurable Optical Buses
Kim Myung
A Design Verification Method for Object-oriented Design Specification
Kim Eun Mi
A study on Construction of Domain Framework and Framework Supporting Tools
Kim Kang Tae, Bae Je Min, Lee Kyung Whan
A Study on the Optimization of C++ Program Using the Class Hierarchies Slicing
Kim Woon Yong, Jung Kye Dong, Choi Young Keun
A Study on the Object-Oriented Methodology on the Basis of Design Patterns
Kim Chi Su, Im Kyoung Mi, Kwon Min Ju
An Improved Memory Based Reasoning using the Fixed Partition Averaging Algorithm
Cheong Tae Sun, Lee Hyeong Il, Yoon Chung Hwa
A Study on the Construction of Stable Clustering by Minimizing the Order Bias
Lee Gye Sung
Implementation and Performance Evaluation of the Multicast Function for a Fully-Interconnected ATM Switch
Jeon Yong Hee, Park Jung Sook
Design of a Coordination Framework for Personalized Advertisement Support Systems on the Web
Kim Hyoung Do
A Study on Framework for Cell-leve1 and Frame-level Perforrnance Testing in ATM Network
Ahn Sung Soo, Choi Young Bok, Lee Joon Won, Kim Sung Un
Bandwidth Stealing and ABR-1394 Transport for Utilizing Available lsochronous Bandwidth on IEEE-1394 Bus
Kang Sung Il, Lee Yoon Jick, Lee Heung Kyu, Kang Sung Bong
The Implementation of a Brute Force Attack System using a Client / Server Model
Song Sang Heon, Park Hyun Dong, Kim Chung Kill, Park Jung Gil, Kim Young Jin, Ryou Jae Cheol
Computer Graphics & Intelligent Logic Synthesis Algorithm for Timing Optimization In Hierarchical Design
Lee Dae Hee, Yang Sae Yang
Computer Graphics & A Minimal Constrained Scheduling Algorithm for Control Dominated ASIC Design
Lin Chi Ho
Computer Graphics & Delay Fault Test Pattern Generator Using Indirect Implication Algorithms in Scan Environment
Kim Won Gi, Kim Myoung Gyun, Kang Sung Ho
An Effective Task Allocation Algorithm in Two-Dimensional Mesh Interconnection Networks
Choo Hyun Seung, Park Gyung Leen, Yoo Seong Moo
A Dynamic Scheduling Algorithm to Maximize the Total Value of Real-time Tasks running on a Single Processor
Kim In Soo, Lee Yun Yeol, Lee Chun Hee, Jung Gi Hyun, Choi Kyung Hee
Feature Area-based Vehicle Plate Recognition System ( VPRS )
Cho Bo Ho, Jung Sung Hwan
Removal of Additive White Noise Using an Adaptive Wiener Filter with Edge Retention
Do Jae Su
Efficient Article and Scene Change Detections for TV Sports News Indexing in MPEG-2 Compressed-Domain
Kim Sung Guk, Park Young Kyu, Yoo Won Young, Kim Joon Cheol, Lee Joon Whoan


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