Digital Library

Vol. 6, No. 5, May, 1999

A Multiversion Timestamp Order Scheduling Method for Improving Commit Ratio of Mobile Transactions
Kim Chi Yeon, Hwang Bu Hyun
A Study on Development of SGML Repository System Based on DTD-dependent Schema
Kim Hyun Ki, Roh Dae Sik, Kang Hyun Kyu
Design and Implementation of Spatiotemporal Query Processing Systems
Lee Seong Jong, Kim Dong Ho, Ryu Keun Ho
The Remote Concert Education System on High-Speed Communication Network
Han Chang Ho, Lee Kyung Myung, Yoon Kwang Sub, Ryu Ki Hong, Mo Jong Sik, Kim Yoo Sung
Article Data Prefetching Policy using User Access Patterns in News-On-Demand System
Kim Young Ju, Choi Tae Uk, Chung Ki Dong
An Asynchronous Checkpointing Algorithm Using Virtual Checkpointing On Distributed Systems
Kim Do Hyung, Park Chang Soon, Kim Jong
Improving Performance of Multi - Paths Multistage Interconnection Network
Kim Back Hyun, Woo Yo Seop, Kim Ik Soo
Comparison of High Speed Modular Multiplication and Design of Expansible Systolic Array
Choo Bong Jo, Choi Sung Wook
PASC Processor Architecture for Enhanced Loop Execution
Jee Sung Hyun, Park No Kwang, Jeon Joong Nam, Kim Suk Il
Distributed Objects' Grouping and Management for Supporting Real-time Service in CORBA Environments
Shin Gyung Min, Kim Myung Hee, Joo Su Chong
CW-MAN ; The Cooperative-Work Management System with Hybrid Architecture for Efficient Multimadia Collaboration
Lee Kwang Hang, Jeon Jae Woo, Oh Sam Kweon
A Study On Performance Analysis Layer of Parallel Program Performance Monitoring Tool
Kim Byung Ki, Ma Dai Sung
Design for System Development Mothed with Extended user Participation
Lee Seo Jeong, Park Jai Nyun
Change Impact Analysis for Object-Oriented softwares in the distributed environment
Kim Kyung Hee, Park Jai Nyun, Yoon Yong Ik
Pattern Matching and Its Restrictions in Functional Languages
Kwon Kee Hang, Ju Yae Chan, Shin Hyun Sam
Mounted PCB Classification System Using Wavelet and ART2 Neural Network
Kim Sang Cheol, Jung Sung Hwan
Reinforcement Learning using Propagation of Goal-State-Value
Kim Byung Cheon, Yoon Byung Joo
Analysis of Nonlinear Time Series by Bispectrum Methods and its Applications
Kim Eung Soo, Lee You Jung
Intelligent Multimedia Educational System on Distributed Environment
Lee Sei Hoon, Yoon Kyung Seob
Design of Intelligent Intrusion Detection System Based on Distributed Intrusion Detecting Agents : DABIDS
Lee Jong Sung, Chae Soo Hoan
Development of a Simulator for CT-2 Coverage Prediction and Cell Planning by GIS-Based Approach
Lim Jong Soo, Lee Bong Seok, Lee Mun Soo
Computer Graphics & A Design of Large Area Viewing LED Panel Control System
Lee Soo Bom, Nam Sang Gill, Cho Gyoung Youn, Kim Jong Jin
Computer Graphics & Load Distribution Strategies for High Speed Ray-Tracing on Multiprocessors
Gwun Ou bong
Design and Implementation of MAX ( Management and Administration of spaX )
Kim Do Hyung, O Bong Jin, Ha Young Gook, Kim Chae Kyu
Design of a Monitoring System for Controlling the Wet Station Equipment
Rim Seong Rak, Han Kwang Rok, Choi Yong Yub
Principal Feature Extraction of Image Data Using Neural Networks of Learning Algorithrn Based on Steepest Descent and Dynamic Tunneling
Cho Yong Hyun
Distinction of Korean and English Characters Using Aspect Ratio and Structural Characteristics
Jeon Il Soo, Won Nam Sik, Lee Doo Han
Extraction and Recognition of Character from MPEG-2 News Video Images
Park Young Kyu, Kim Sung Guk, Yoo Won Young, Kim Joon Cheol, Lee Joon Whoan


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