Digital Library

Vol. 6, No. 4, April, 1999

Retrieving Information from Korean OCR Text Database
Lee Joon Ho, Lee Chung Sik, Hahn Sun Hwa, Kim Jin Hyung
A Selectivity Estimation Scheme for Spatial Topological Predicate Using Multi-Dimensional Histogram
Bae Hae Young, Kim Hong Yeon
A Time-Segmented Storage Structure and Migration Strategies for Temporal Data
Yun Hong Won, Kim Kyong Sok
Automatic Parsing of MPEG-Compressed Video
Kim Ga Hyun, Moon Young Shik
A Study on a Real Time Presentation Method for Playing of a Multimedia Mail on Internet
Lim Younghwan, Lee Seon Hye, Lim Myung Su
Task Allocation Algorithm for Heterogeneous Multiprocessor Systems Using Heuristic Technique
Lim Sun Ho, Lee Jong Sung, Chae Soo Hoan
Implementation and Performance Evaluation of Parallel Programming Translator for High Performance Fortran
Kim Joong Kwon, Hong Man Pyo, Kim Dong Kyoo
Reuse of Analysis/Design Patterns Based on Analogy
Jung Rhan, Kim Jeong Ah, Kim Haeng Kon
An Experimant in Refactoring an Object-Oriented CASE Tool
Jo Jang Wu, Kim Tae Guun
Extraction and Comprehension of Objects for Class Components Reuse
Han Jung Soo, Song Young Jae
On Design Intelligent Control System by Fussion of Fuzzy Logic and Genetic Algorithms
Lee Mal Rey, Kim Tae Eun
A Solution of Production Scheduling Problem Adapting Fast Model of Parallel Heuristics
Hong Sung Chan, Cho Byung Jun
The Verification System of the Customer Barcode for the Advanced Automatic Processing of the Mail Items
Park Moon Sung, Woo Dong Chin
The Traffic Signal Control System Applying Fuzzy Reasoning
Kim Mi Kyoung, Lee Yun Bae
Fuzzy Rules Generation Using the LVQ
Lee Nam II, Jang Gwang Gyu, Lim Han Kyu
A Study on Digital Multisignature Scheme in Electronic Approval Systems
Park Hee Un, Kang Chang Goo, Lee Im Yeong
A Prototype System for Collaborative Authoring Over a Network
Kim Cha Jong
VIOLA ; An Iconic Data-flow Visual Language for Web Applications
Cho Chang Sik, Shin Gyu Sang, Mah Pyeong Soo
An IS-41 Based Dynamic Location Management using the Mobility History of Mobile Station
Lee Tae Ro, Han Chi Geun, Cho Dong Ho
Performance Analysis of Packet Switched Interconnection Networks with Output Buffer Modules
Choo Hyun Seung, Park Gyung Leen
Performance Improvement of Base Station Controller using Separation Control Method of Input Messages for Mobile Communication Systems
Won Jong Kwon, Lee Sang Ho
Development of a Visualization Tool and a Zoom Browser on the WVVVV
Jeong Young A
Volume Data Modeling by Using Wavelets Transformation and Tetrahedrization
Gwon Ou Bong, Lee Kun
A Deadlock-Free Fault Tolerant Routing Method Using Partial-Adaptiveness in a N-Dimensional Meshed Network
Moon Dae Keun, Kim Hag Bae
Dynamic Limited Directory Scheme for Distributed Shared Memory Systems
Lee Dong Kwang, Kweon Hyek Seong, Choi Seong Min, Ahn Byoung Chul
A Study On Still Image Codig With the TMS320C80
Kim Sang Ki, Chung Chin Hyun
Development of Adaptive Digital hnage Watermarking Techniques
Min Joon Young
A Study on Feature Points Matching for Object Recognition Using Genetic Algorithm
Lee Jin Ho, Park Sang Ho
The Low Cost Implementation of Speech Recognition System for the Web
Park Young Bom, Park Jong II
A Study on Translation-, Magnification- and Rotation- Invariant Automatic Inspection System Development
Oh Choon Suk, Lim Jong Seul


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