Digital Library

Vol. 6, No. 3, March, 1999

Accessibility to Instances Regardless of Versions in Schema Evolution Environments in Object-Oriented Databases
Jin Min
Design of Collaboration Service for CORBA Based Multimedia Applications
Kim Nam Yong, Lee Seung Geun, Wang Chang Jong
Embedding between a Macro-Star Graph and a Matrix Star Graph
Lee Hyeong Ok
Modeling for Measurement of Class Reusability in Object-Oriented Prograrns
Yoon Hee Whan, Koo Yeon Seol
A Formal Approach for the Reorganization of Class Hierarchies for the Extension of Object Oriented Applications
Hwang Suk Hyung, Kim Dae Won, Yang Hae Sool
Design and Irnplementation of the Video Query Processing Engine for Content-Based Query Processing
Cho Eun Hee, Kim Yong Keol, Lee Hun Soon, Jung Eun Yung, Jin Seong II
Optimal Release Time of Switching Software and Evolution of Reliablity Based on Reliability Indicator
Lee Jae Ki, Shin Sang Kwon, Hong Sung Back
U1V-Based Industry-Strength Object-Oriented Methodology
Cho Eun Sook, Kim Soo Dong, Rhew Sung Yul
Reinforcement Learning Using State Space Compression
Kim Byung Cheon, Yoon Byung Joo
Design and Implementation of the System Supporting Security Communication between a Web Browser and a CGI Program
Lee Jun Seok
Development of a Web Security Systern Using Cryptographic Token
Ha Kyeoung Ju, Yoon Jae Woo, Kang Chang Goo, Jang Seung Ju
An Efficient ID-Based Multisignature Scheme Based on the High Residuosity Problem
Lee Bo Young, Park Taek Jin, Won Dong Ho
Evolution Program for Optimal Capacity Expansion with Backlogs in Demand
Jo Jung Bok, Yang Hwang Kyu, Lee Jae Uk, Ham Chang Hyun, Boading Liu
A Study on Effective ATM Multi-Path Routing Method
Kauh Jang Hyuk, Lee Dong Hoo
A Channel Assignment Scheme Using Power Allocation Concept for CDMA Cellular System
Lee Dong Myung, Jun Moon Seog
Design and Implernentation of Web Interface for Internet Managemnent System Using SNIVIP MIB-II
Ahn Seong Jin, Cho Young Wook, Yoo Seung Keun
The Design and Implementation of Parameter Extraction System for Analyzing Internet Using SNMP
Shin Sang Chul, Ahn Seong Jin, Chung Jin Wook
A Study on Restoration of the Multi-Link Failures in BSHR/2 Networks
Han Seong Taek, Lee Young Kwan, Jang Seong Dae, Lee Kyoon ha
The NNI Interface Model of the ATM-Based Information Infra Network of Korea
Yang Sun Hee, Jeong Tae Soo, Kim Eun A, Choi Jun Kyun
Variable Queue Sharing Mechanism for ATM Traffic
Ahn Jeong Hee, Chung Jin Wook
Anomaly Removal for Efficient Conformance Test
Lee Hyun Chul, Hur Gi Taek
Free-Form Curve Interpolation Method for Shape Preservation
Lee Ah Ri, Park Chul Ho, Sim Je Hong
Power Estimation by Using Testability
Lee Jae Hoon, Min Hyoug Bok
A Behavioral Animation of Artificial Birds
Yoo Kwan Hee
An Optimization of Representation of Boolean Functions Using OPKFDD
Jung Mi Gyoung, Lee Hyuck, Lee Guee Sang
A Design Of An Optirnizer For Conversion of Parallel Constructs Of Data Parallel Language Programs
Koo Mi Soon, Park Myong Soon
The Study of an Object-Oriented Macro Assembler for Next-Generation Microprocessors
Jung Tae Eui, Lee Jee Young, Lee Kwang Youb, Lee Yong Surk
A Practical Algorithm for Two-Dimensional Dictionary Matching
Lee Gwang Soo
3-D Object Recognition Using a Feature Extraction Scheme : Open-Ball Operator
Kim Sung Soo


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