Digital Library

Vol. 6, No. 2, February, 1999

Modeling and Verification of Workflows with Time Constraints
Ceong Hee Taek, Lee Do Heon, Kim Moon Ja, Lew Young Chul
An Efficient Zone Reconstruction Method on the Zone-Structured Disk
Kim Jong Hee, Choi Kyung Hee, Jung Gi Hyun
The Efficient Cut Detection Algorithm Using the Weight in News Video Data
Jung Eun Yung, Lee Dong Seop, Shin Sung Yoon, Jeon Keun Hwan, Bae Seok Chan, Lee Yang Weon
A Method of Form-Based HTMI. Documents Generation
Choi Jun Yong, Kim Byung Ki
A Distributed Algorithm to Update Span~ning Tree and Strongly-Connected Components
Park Jung Ho, Park Yoon Young, Choi Sung Hee
Cormpiler Optimization for Parallelism and Locality Improvement
Kim Jin Mee, Byun Sug Woo, Pyo Chang Woo, Lee Mann Ho
A Study on Distributed Indexi~ng Technique for Digital Library
Yoo Chun Sik, Lee Jung deuk, Kim Yong Sung
A Study on Analysis of NVP Reliability Using Genetic Algorithms
Shin Kyeong Ae, Han Pan Am
On the Application of Heuristic Knowledge for Programn Debugging
Suh Dong Geun
Design and Implementation of a System for Constructing Thesaurus of Korean Nouns
Lee Jong In, Han KwangRok, Yang Seung Hyun, Kim Young Sum
A Nonmonotonic Inheritance Reasoner With Probabilistic Default Rules
Lee Chang Hwan
Dynamic Bandwidth Management Scheme for Interactive Video Service Based on MPEG Video
Lee Seung Yun, Ryou Hwang Bin
A Design and Implementation about the Web-Based Remote Control System Environments
Lee Jeong Bae
Channel Scheduling Policies for Batching in VOD System
Park Ho Kyun, Ryou Hwang Bin
A Reliable Multicast Transfer Method Using Agent Sender & Receiver Concept
Cho Kuk Hyun
Upstream Channel Structure for Bidirectional LMDS using CDMA
Lim Hyung Rae, Cho Byung Lok
Managed Objects(MOs) Development Environment for TMN-based ATM Network Management
Kang Won Seok, Kim Young Tak
Design and Implementation of Database Broker System for Integrated Data Environment of Virtual Enterprises
Yoon Sun Hee, Chung Jin Wook
Two Optimization Techniques for Channel Assignment in Cellular Radio Network
Nam In Gil, Park Sang Ho
The Extension of SNMP for Real-Time Network Management
Kim Dong Soo, Chung Tai Myong
The Extension of SNMP for Real-Time Network Management
Chung Yong Ju
Two-Level Scheduling for Soft Real-Time Systems
Kim Jai Hoon
Recoverable Distributed Shared Mernory Systems Using Object-Oriented Dependency Tracking and Checkpointing
Kim Jai Hoon
Design and Implementation of a Visual Environment for Parallel Object-Oriented Programming
Choi Sook Young
An Aggressive Register Allocation Algorithm for EPIC Architectures
Choi Joon Kee, Lee Sang Jeong
An SGML Document Authoring Tool
An Bo Hee, Yoo Chae Woo, Song Hoo Bong
A Study on English and Japanese Speaker Recognitions using the Peak and Valley Pitch Detection and the Fuzzy Theory
Kim Yeoun Sook
Study of Scene Change Detection and Adaptive Rate Control Schemes for MPEG Video Encoder
Nam Jae Yeal, Kang Byung Ho, Son Yoo Ek
Feature Selection Based on Class Separation in Handwritten Numeral Recognition Using Neural Network
Lee Jin Seon


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