Digital Library

Vol. 6, No. 12, December, 1999

Development of a Computer Graphics-Based Prototype CAD Tool for Planning Tendon Paths in Hand Rehabilitative Surgery
In Mo Yoon
Two-way Donation Locking for Transaction Management in Distributed Database Systems
Hae Kyung Rhee, Ung Mo Kim
Performance Evaluation of Hash Join Algorithms Supporting Dynamic Load Balancing for a Database Sharing System
Ae Kyung Moon, Haeng Rae Cho
An Integration Algorithm of X-tree and kd-tree for Efficient Retrieval of Spatial Database
Jang Woo Yoo, Young Jin Shin, Soon Key Jung
KQML-based Multi-agent Structure for the Teleconferencing System on the Web
Mee Young Sung, Jae Hong Yoo
Development of the Continuous-Time HGDM with Binomial Sensitivity Factor
Joong Yang Park, Seong Hee Kim, Jae Heong Park
Generating LOTOS Specifications from UML Static Structure Diagrams
Cheol Hong Kim, Yu Whoan Ahn, Won Chun Lee
Design and Implementation of an Information Visualization System based on Structured Classification Technique
Young Ran Kim, Yeon Seol Koo
Object-Oriented Software Regression Testing by Class Node Analysis
Young Hee Kwon, Jen Ge Li, Yeon Seol Koo
Feature Extraction of Off-line Handwritten Characters Based on Optical Neural Field
Keong Ho Hong, Eun Hwa Jeong, Byung Chul Ahn
Construction of Korean Linguistic Information for the Korean Generation on KANT
Deok Ho Yoon
Development of An Intelligent Agent Shell Supporting An Integrated Agent Building Language
Hai Jin Chang
User Adaptation Using User Model in Intelligent Image Retrieval System
Yong Hwan Kim, Phil Kyu Rhee
Improved learning method of Discrete Recurrent Neural Network inferring Regular Grammars
Hyeon Ki Jung, Soon Ho Jung
Design and Implementation of Web-Based Cyber-University System
Sei Young Lee, Hwan Seung Yong
Design and Implementation of Closed Captioned Video Files
Seung Bong Shin, Dong Kweon Hong, In Jae Hwang
A new satellite CAS using password-based protocol
Young Soo Kim, Ki Wook Sohn, Hyung Kyu Yang, Dong Ho Won
The Taxonomy Criteria of DoS Attack Pattern for Enhanced Intrusion Detection System
Kwang Deuk Kim, Seung Kyun Park, Tae Hoon Lee, Sang Ho Lee
The Secure and Efficient Key Agreement Protocol with Direct Authentication
Hyung Kyu Lee, Kyong Ho Lee, Young Tae Cha, Joo Geol Sim, Dong Ho Won
Intelligent Intrusion Detection System based on Computer Immune System
Jong Sung Lee, Soo Hoan Chae
Performance Evaluation of TCP/IP on ATM LAN Testbed
Woo Hyun Jang, Se Yul Lee, Sun Myung Hwang, Bong Hwan Lee
A Dual Mode Buffer Cache Management Policy for a Continuous Media Server
Won Il Seo, Yong Woon Park, Ki Dong Chung
A hybrid prioritized worker model for efficiency of shared resources in the real-time system
Hong Jin Park, Kyung Ah Chun, Chang Min Kim
Fault-Tolerant Design of Array Systems Using Multichip Modules
Sung Soo Kim
Face Component Extraction Using Multiresolution Image
Kyung Shik Jang
Recognition of Car License Plates using Intensity Variation and Color Information
Pyeoung Kee Kim
SMOSLG Algorithm for Digital Image Restoration
Min Koo Song, Joon Keun Yum
Hierarchical Height Reconstruction of Object from Shading Using Genetic Algorithm
Eun Young Ahn, Hyung Je Cho
An Efficient Lane Detection Algorithm Based on Hough Transform and Quadratic Curve Fitting
Hwa Jung Kwon, June Ho Yi
Conditional fuzzy cluster filter for color image enhancement under the mixed color noise
Kyoung Bae Eum, Seo Won Han, Joon Whoan Lee


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