Digital Library

Vol. 6, No. 11, November, 1999

An Execution Control Algorithm for Mobile Flex Transactions in Mobile Heterogeneous Multidatabase Systems
Kyong I Ku, Yoo Sung Kim
Implementation of a Web-Based Intelligent Deicision Support System for Apartment Auction
Min Young Ra, Hyun Ho Lee
Implementation of Object-oriented Active Rule System in Distributed Environment
Koeng Wook Ko, Sang Bong Yoo, Ki Chang Kim, Sang Kyun Cha
A Global Concurrency Control Algorithm based on Relaxed Control Criterion in Distributed Multidatabase Systems
Dong Cheon Shin, Jin Bae Kim
LAN Packet Trace Analysis-What is the Extent of WWW Traffic
Ben Lee, Andreas Schmid, Jin Gwang Koh, Han Tak Kwak
Design and Implementation of Indexing and Query Languages for an Efficient Retrieval of SGML Documents
Bong Shin Lee, Kyong Ho Lee, Seung Kyu Ko, Yoon Chul Choy
Scalable Media Object Framework of MPEG-2 Video for QoS Adaptation
Hyung Chul Kim, Chan Gun Jeong
Design and Analysis of User's Libraries for Parallel Computing based on the Internet
Pil Sup Shin, Chun Mok Chung, Hye Seon Maeng, Won Kee Hong, Shin Dug Kim
A Constant Time Algorithm for Deterministic Finite Automata Problem on a Reconfigurable Mesh
Young Hak Kim
A Study on the Method of the Performance Measurement for UNIX Kernel in Heterogeneous Distributed Environment
Yoon Young Park, Jung Ho Park, Dong Sun Lim
Design and Implementation of a CASE Tool Supporting Proof of Consistency between OO Models
Sun Mi Lee, Jin Ok Jeon, Jae Chol Ryou
An Efficient Evaluation of Proof-theoretic Meaning for Normalized Recursive Rules using Shared - Nothing Parallel Architecture
Woo Hyun Cho, Jong Hee Lee
Multiagent-based Distance Learning Framework using CORBA
Mok Dong Chung
A Design of Agent Model for Real-time Intrusion Detection
Moon Ku Lee, Moon Seog Jun
Intrusion Detection System for Denial of Service Attack using Performance Signature
Kwang Deuk Kim, Sang Ho Lee
Application Design and Execution Framework in Role-Based Access Control Systems
Hyung Hyo Lee, Eun Bok Choi, Bong Nam Noh
Design and Implementation of An Educational VDB System in Distributed Environments Based on Object Groups
Kyeong Taek Rhyu, Hyun Chul Lee, Su Chong Joo
Extention of Kailar Accountability Logic for Symmetric Key Digital Signature and Accountability Analysis of an Electronic Payment Protocol
Young Dal Kim, Sun Young Han
Effective Transmission System of Circuit Service through ATM network
Hak Jin Chong, Sang Ho Lee, Hae Young Lee, Sang Hyeon Jeong, Baik Seong Bok
Automatic Generation of Protocol Test Cases from Estelle Using Design / CPN
Hyun Jeong Lee, Jin Ki Cho, Sung Hee Woo, Sang Ho Lee
Real-Time Object-Oriented Caching System
Young Jae Kim, Ho Chul Sung, Sung Joon Hong, Sun Young Han
Conformance Testing of Multi-protocol IUTs
Yong Bum Park, Myung Chul Kim, Jang Kyung Kim
A Self-Adaptive Algorithm for Optimizing Random Early Detection ( RED ) Dynamics
Sug Won Hong, Young Suk You
UPC Schemes on the Frame Relay/ATM Interworking in ATM Networks
Yoon Seok Nam, Won Sik Park
Using Outermost-Zone Tracks as a Cache to Boost Disk Write Performance
Jong Jung Woo, Chun Pyo Hong
Task Scheduling to Minimize the Effect of Coincident Faults in a Duplex Controller Computer
Han Seung Lim, Hak Bae Kim
A Model for Reducing Priority Inversion in Real Time Server System
Dae Soo Choi, Jong Kyu Im, Yong Wan Koo
Skew Correction for Document Images Using Block Transformation
Hee Kue Kwag, Soo Hyung Kim
JPEG Image Quantization Method with Variable Thresholds
Ha Ryoung Oh, Seok Hyun Yoon, Yeong Rak Seong
Hybrid Watermarking Algorithm for MPEG Video
Hyung Hoon Lee, Chang Seok Bae, Jae Hoon Choi, Yoon Sik Choe
Automatic Recognition of Local Wrinkles in Textile Using Block Matching Algorithm
Hyun Jin Lee, Eun Jin Kim, Yil Byung Lee


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