Digital Library

Vol. 6, No. 10, October, 1999

Customer Barcode Support System for the Cost Saving of Mail Items
Hwang Jae Gak, Park Moon Sung, Song Jae Gwan, Woo Dong Chin
Design and Implementation of a SGML Index Manager for Dynamic Environment
Han Sung Geun, Son Jeong Han, Chang Jae Woo, Kim Hyun Ki, Kang Hyun Kyu
Data Replicas Relocation Strategy in Mobile Computing System Environment
Choi Kang Hee, Cho Tae Nam
Generating Large Items Efficiently For Mining Quantitative Association Rules
choi Young Hee, Jang Su Min, Yoo Jae Soo, Oh Jae Chul
Design of a Video Storage Server that Maximizes Concurrent Streams and Minimizes Initial Latency
Mah Pyeong Soo, Cho Chang Sik, Jin Yun Sook, Shin Gyu Sang
A Design and Implementation of Fault Tolerance Agent on Distributed Multimedia Environment
Ko Eung Nam, Hwang Dae Joon
The Classification of Game Spaces and the Notations for Spatio-Temporal Synchronization on a Scenario
Ha Soo Cheol, Seong Hae Kyung
Web-Driven DAVIC-Based Video on Demand System
Jang Kyung Shik, Lee Seok Pil
Handoff Control Algorithrn for Mobile Hosts in the Internet Multicast Environrnents
Son Ji Yeon, Won Yoo Jae, Park Joon Seok, Kim Myung Gyu, Hwang Seung Ku
A Heuristic Task Allocation Scheme Based on Clustering
Kim Suk Il, Jeon Joong Nam, Kim Kwan You
Structure Diagramming for XML documents using UML Class Diagram
Chae Won Seok, Ha Yan, Kim Yong Sung
ISO 12207 Tailored Object-Oriented Process for UML Based Object-Oriented Development
Lee Sang Jun, Kim Byung Ki
A Method of Object Identification from Procedural Programs
Jin Yun Sook, Mah Pyeong Soo, Shin Gyu Sang
Morphological Variation Classification of Red Blood Cells using Neural Network Model in the Peripheral Blood Images
Kim Kyung Su, Kim Pan Koo
Automatic algorithm for Numerical conformal mapping based on the Hiibner's Method
Song Eun Jee
Verifiable Self-Certified Identification and Key-Distribution Protocols
Kim Kyung Kug, Yu Joon Suk, Won Dong Ho
Collection Fusion using Relevance Distribution Information between Queries and Collections in Digital Libraries
Kim Hyun Ju, Kim Sang Jun, Bae Jong Min, Kang Hyun Syug
Signalling Protocol Validation of Internet-ISDN Interworking Gateway for Voice Telephony
Yoo Sang Shin
Design and Implementation of a Mail Browser that can control Data-Flow on the Web
Park Kyoo Seok, Kim Seong Hoo
The Simulation of High-Speed Forwarding IP Packet with ATM Switch
Heo Kang Woo, Lee Myung Ho
Design and Implementation of Internet Service Management System using CORBA and Web Technologies
Baek Jong Wook, Park Jong Tae
A Study on an Adaptive UPC Algorithm Based on Traffic Multiplexing Information in ATM Networks
Kim Young Chul, Pyun Jae Young, Seo Hyun Seung
Design and Evaluation of an Adaptive Reservation-based Batching Policy for Popular Videos
Lee Kyung Sook, Bae Ihn Han
A Schedulability Analysis and Recovery Technique of Real-Time System using TCPN
Kim Choon Bae, Park Hung Bog
A Geometric Active Contour Model Using Multi Resolution Level Set Methods
Kim Seong Kon, Kim Doo Young
Fast Thinning Method for Fingerprint Image by Separating End and Bifurcation Regions
Lee Jeong Hwan, Shim Jae Chang
A Modified WPTA Thinnig Algorithm
Won Nam Sik, Nam In Gil, Jeon Il Soo
A study on adaptive weighted median filter using edge information
Lee Yong Whan, Park Jang Chun
The Motion-Based Video Segmentation for Low Bit Rate Transmission
Lee Bum Ro, Chung Chin Hyun


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