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Vol. 6, No. 1, January, 1999

A Recovery Mechanisrn for Server Failure in Database Systems based on Mobile Computing Environments
Cho Jeong Ran, Hwang Bu Hyun
Formal Semantics of Relational Algebra/Calculus for Spatiotemporal Operator in Spatiotemporal Data Model
Cho Young So, Kim Dong Ho, Ryu Keun Ho
An Integration of Spatial and Temporal Relationship Operators for Spatiotemporal Data
Lee Jong Yun, Ryu Keun Ho
The Performance Evaluation of Method to Process Nearest Neighbor Queries Using an Optimal Search Distance
Seon Hwi Joon, Kim Hong Ki
A Distributed Algorithm for Weighted Shortest Path Problem
Park Jung Ho, Park Yoon Young
Design and Implementation of an Object Migration System Using the Java Language
Jeon Byung Kook, Lii Keun Sang, Choi Young Keun
Design and Implementation of Client-Server Model on Virtual Real-time Interactive Distributed Simulation Environment Using Web
Jeong Jin Lip, Woo Young Je, Jeong Chang Sung
Constant Time KVKSH Algorithm to Find Neighbor Blocks in Linear ~Quadtrees
Kim Gi Won, Woo Jim Woon
Diameter, Fault Diameter and Average Distance between Two Nodes in Z-cube Network
Kwon Kyung Hee, Lee Gye Sung
A Study on Improving the Transferring Efficiency of Information in the Object-oriented Development Notation Methodologies Based on Cognitive Theory
Kim Won Young, Kim Chi Su
A Cumulative Incremental Effort Based Software Growth Model Considering System Size and Complexity
Park Joong Yang, Kim Seong Hee, Park Jae Heung
An Automatic Learning of Adaptation Knowledge for Case-Based Reasoning
Lee Jae Pil, Cho Kyoung Dal, Kim Ki Tae
A Study on the Security Structure and Authentication Procedure in ATM
Shin Hyo Young, Ryou Hwang Bin
Adaptation of a Key Distribution Scheme for VSAT Satellite Communications
Park Jeong Hyun, Lim Sun Bae
S v3 Security Module Design and Implementation Using Public Key
Han Ji Hoon, Park Gyong Bae, Kwak Seung Uk, Kim Jeong II, Jeong Keun Won, Song In Keun, Lee Kwang Bae, Kim Hyen Uk
Design and Implementation of the Extended DNS Security Mechanism
Shim Hee Won, Kim Jin Sung, Shim Young Chul, Lim Chan Soon, Byeon Ok Hwan
Interworking Architecture of ERICA Switch Mechanism for ABR Traffic Service in Public ATM Switch
Chong II Young, Kang Sung II, Jeong Taek Won
System Analysis for Receiving Perfo ce Improvement of Mobile Station in PCS
Ju Jae Han, Park Sei Seung, Park Jong An, Chun Jong Hun
Performance Analysis of Adaptive Separated-Queueing ATM Switch for Multimedia Services
Lim Cheol Su, Park Byoung Seob
Bandwidth Ratio Considerations for Traffic Pararmeter Mapping on the Frame Relay/ATM Interworking
Nam Yoon Seok, Kim Jung Sik
Design of a CHANCE Protocol for the ATM-Based Horne Networking
Hwang Min Tae, Kim Jang Kyung
Call Scenarios for UPT Service in the IMT-2000 MSC Based on Advanced Intelligent Network
Kwon Soon Ryang, Kim Dae Young
Protocol Testing Methodology of DAVIC Standard
Oh Heang Suk, Park Ki Shik, Lee Sang Ho
A Time-Redundant Recovery Policy of Failures Using Rollback and Roll-forward
Yoon Jae Young, Kim Hag Bae
Debugging of Communication Events Based on the RPC Event Model
Seo Young Ae, Cho Young Wook, Lee Kong Seon, Park Chang Soon
An Implementation of Group Objects in CORBA
Ryu Ki Yeol, Lee Jung Tae, Byeon Kwnag June
A Study on Pitch Extraction Method using FIR-STREAK Digital Filter
Lee See Woo
Color Image Analysis of Histological Tissue Sections
Choi Heung Kook


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