Digital Library

Vol. 5, No. 9, September, 1998

Distrbuted Processing and List Scheduling on WDM Optical Interconnection Networks using Genetic Algorithms
Jung Hea Jin, Wee Kyun Bum, Yeh Hong Jin, Hong Man Pyo, Byeon Kwnag June
HOMT: Enhancing XOMT to Support HyTime DTD Design
Jang Won Ho, Lim Hye Jung, Park In Ho, Kang Hyun Syug
A Design and Implementation of Spatial Database System Supporting Integrity Maintenance Facility
Lee Young Geol, Bae Hae Young
A Metadata Management System Based on Extended Dublin Core for Digital Libraries
Kweon Jae Gil, Jang Won Ho, Kim Hyun Ju, Park In Ho, Bae Jong Min, Kang Hyun Syug
Property Enlargement of JDBC 3-tier Model Using CORBA Under Distributed Object Environments
Lee Jin Yong, Jeon Sun Mi
Effective Generation of Minimal Perfect Hash Functions for Information Retrieval from Large Sets of Data
Kim Su Hee, Park Se Young
A Study on a Multilingual Name Retrieval
Cho Young Hwa, Song Jae Yong, Ryu Keun Ho
A Hstorical Extension for SDE Data Model
Lee Jong Yun, Ahn Byoung Ik, Ryu Keun Ho
Extraction of Features in Key frames of News Video for Content-based Retrieval
Jung Yung Eun, Lee Dong Seop, Jeon Keun Hwan, Lee Yang Weon
Integrated Test of Object-Oriented System Using Scenario
Kim Eun Joo, Choi Eun Man
On the Efficiency Comparison of Dynamic Program Slicing Algorithm for Software Testing
Park Soon Hyung, Park Man Gon
A Study on The Reengineering Tool from Conventional System into Design Pattern
Kim Haeng Kon, Cha Jung Eun
Parameter Estimation and Prediction Methods for Hyper-Geometric Distribution Software Reliability Growth Model
Park Joong Yang, Yoo Chang Yeul, Lee Bu Kwon
A Study on the Clustering of Software Module Using the Heuristic Measurement
Byun Jung Woo, Song Young Jae
Machine Translation of Korean-to-English Spoken Language Based on Semantic Patterns
Jung Cheon Young, Seo Young Hoon
Computer Graphics & A Study on Bus Conflicts When Applying Test Patterns
Kim Kyu Chull
Computer Graphics & A Design of Space Compactor for low overhead in Built-In Self Test
Jung Jun Mo
Computer Graphics & Finding Optimized Curves Passing through a Polygon
Choo Yeon Woong, Koo Ja Young
A Quantitative Analysis for An Efficient Memory Allocation
Hong Yun Shik
An Implementation of an Operating System with Multiple Personalities : design of the Direct Procedure Call IPC scheme
Cho Shi Hoon, Bang Nam Seok, Lee Joon Won
Minimal Circular Strings
Wee Kyun Bum, Yeh Hong Jin
Design and Implementation of Performance Monitor on Highly Parallel Computer
Kim Do Hyung, Kim Chae Kyu
Execution of a Functional Logic Language Using the Dataflow Graph Representation
Kim Yong Jun, Cheon Suh Hyun
A Study on Implementation of Edge Detection Algorithms Based on Fuzzy Membership Models
Lee Bae Ho, Kim So Yeon, Kim Kwang Hee


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