Digital Library

Vol. 5, No. 8, August, 1998

Feature Extraction for Content-based Image Retrievaland Implementation of Image Database Retrieval System
Kim Jin Ah, Lee Seung Hoon, Woo Yong Tae, Jung Sung Hwan
A MPEG Audio-Visual Conversational Communication Terminal on the B-ISDN Environment
Hwang Dae Hwan, Cho Kyu Seob
A Design of Real Time MPEG Video .Bridge Using the Array Processor Method
Hwang Dae Hwan, Cho Kyu Seob
Distrbuted Processing and A Parallelising Algorithm for Matrix Arithmetics of Digital Signal Processings on VLIW Simulator
Song Jin Hee, Jun Moon Seog
Distrbuted Processing and Transform Nested Loops into MultiThread in Java Programming Language for Parallel Processing
Hwang Deuk Young, Choi Young Keun
Distrbuted Processing and A Transmission Scheduling Algorithm for All-to-all Broadcast in Optical Passive Star Interconnections
Chang Seok Mun, Byeon Kwnag June, Yeh Hong Jin, Wee Kyun Bum, Hong Man Pyo
Distrbuted Processing and Efficient Transformations Between an n2 Pixel Binary Image and a Boundary Code on an n3 Processor Reconfigurable Mesh
Kim Myung
A design of the PSDG based semantic slicing model for software maintenance
Yeo Ho Young, Lee Kee O, Rhew Sung Yul
Application and Implementation of Fuzzy Relational Request for Improving the Performance of Automated Reasoning
Kim Yong Gi, Cho Jae Hee, Jin Jeong Ae
A Matrix-Based Graph Matching Algorithm with Application to a Musical Symbol Recognition
Heo Gyeong Yong, Jang Kyung Sik, Jang Moon IK, Kim Jai Hie
Structural and Semantic Verification for Consistency and Completeness of Knowledge
Suh Euy Hyun
An Algorithm for Secure Key Exchange based on the Mutual Entity Authentication
Kang Chang Goo, Choi Yong Rak
An Efficient Interoperability Test methodology Based on Kerarchically Organized State Space
Choe Young Han, Chin Byoung Moon, Lee Dong IK, Jin Seong II
A Study on the Algorithms for Calculating Internet Analysis Parameters using SNMP MIB-II
Ahn Seong Jin, Chung Jin Wook
Modeling and Performance Analysis of Queueing Mechanisms for Batcher Sorter-based ATM Switches
Park Byoung Seob, Lim Cheol Su
Typed Separation Set Partitioning for Thread Partitioning of Non-strict Functional Programs
Yang Chang Mo, Joo Hyung Seok, Yoo Weon Hee
A Study on Effects of Sequential Workloads on Parallel Workloads in Workstation Clusters
Chang Young Min, Shim Young Chul
An IDL-to-Java Compiler for Java ORB System
Lee Geun Young, Lee Jin Ho, Chung Tai Myung
A Perfomance Measurement and Evaluation System for ILP Processors
Lee Sang Jeong
Dynamic Pattern Abstraction of a Logic Circuit Simulator and Its Speed Up
Lee Phil Woo, Kozo Itano
Study on the Implementation of Fingerprint Image Comp~mssion Codec using Wavelet Scalar Quantization and the Performance Enhancement
Nam Jae Yeal, Choe Jee Hoon, Son Yoo Ek
A Presentation of 2-Dimensional Objects Recognition by Normalization
Kim Joo Woon, Cho Dong Uk, Kim Jong Bok


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