Digital Library

Vol. 5, No. 7, July, 1998

A Performance Evaluation of Temporal Aggregate Query Processing
Kim Dong Ho, Lee Jong Yun, Ryu Keun Ho, Lee In Hong
The Design and Implementation of the Distributed MIDI Interface for Multimedia I/O Server
Kung Sanghwan, Cho Byoung Ho, Kang Tae Jin, Yoo Ki Young, Lee Kyung Hee
Distrbuted Processing and Pipelined VLSI Architectures for the Hierarchical Block-Matching Algorithm
Kim Hyung Chul, Maeng Seung Ryoul
Batcher's sorter with simpler interconnections and its applications for ATM switching
Lee Jae Dong
Distrbuted Processing and Exploiting implicit Parallelism for Single Loops in Java Programming Language
Hwang Deuk Young, Kwon Oh Jin, Choi Young Keun
Distrbuted Processing and Constant Time KVIESH Algorithm for Computing Area and Perimeter of Binary Image Represented by Linear Quadtrees
Kim Gi Won, Woo Jim Woon
Development of a Maintenance Support System for C + + Programs
Moon Yang Sun, Jang Gun Sil, Yoo Cheol Jung, Chang Ok Bae
Estimating the Number of Korean Words Based on Corpus
Kim Sung Ki, Han Geun shik
A Study On The Dynamic Behavior Of Cellular Automata CA-6
Park Jung Hee, Lee Hyen Yeal
Design and Implementation of High-Performance Parallel Fuzzy Architecture
Lee Sang Gu
A Modeling of Role Access Privileges for Seoaration of Duties
Cheon Eun Hong, Kim Dong Kyoo
A Study on Design and Implementation of Control Module for Wet Station Monitoring
Han KwangRok, Hwang Mi Zar
An Implementation of the Conference Manage Control Oriented Multimedia Conference System Using IP Multicast
Song Deok Soo, Lee Seung Yun, Ryou Hwang Bin
Design of Reliable Bi-directional Multicast Transfer Protocol
Kim Eun Gi, Na Guen Sik
An Implementation of The Multimedia Information Searching System Using Extended Object-Oriented Middleware(CORBA/JAVA) on Web Environments
Lee Won Jung, Ahn Gil Sou, Joo Su Chong
A Korean Domain Name System for Korean
Lee Jae Yong, Lee Kyoon ha
A Web-based Multimedia Mailer Supporting Digital Signature Scheme
Lee Sung Min, Kim Tae Woo, Kim Tai Yun
Computer Graphics & Human Body Modeling Using Skin-Skeleton Binding Technique
Yoo Tae Sun, Jun Byoung Min, Choi Hae Ock
The structure type introduced in Java
Lee Ho Suk
The Analysis of an Extended Mark Flow Graph's Operation for Design of the Discrete-event Control System
Yeo Jeong mo
A Compilation Technique to Enhance the Parallelism of Logic Programs
Kim Hie Cheol, Lee Yong Doo
The Recognition of Oecluded 2-D Objects Using the String Matching and Hash Retrieval Algorithm
Kim Kwan Dong, Lee Ji Yong, Lee Byeng Gon, Ahn Jae Hyeong
Application to the Image Coding by the Modified Fuzzy Cornpetitive Iing Network
Lee Bum Ro, Chung Chin Hyun
Irregular Addressing Scheme for Luminance Improvement of Flat Panel Plasma Display
Son II Hun


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