Digital Library

Vol. 5, No. 6, June, 1998

Alternative Version Concurrency Control Method for firm real-time database systems )
Hong Dong Kweon
Cache Coherency Schemes for Database Sharing Systems with Primary Copy Authority
Kim Shinhee, Cho Haengrae, Kang Byung Wook
Design for Database Retrieval System using Virtual Database in Intranet
Lee Dong Wook, Park Youngbae
Implementation of Query Processing System in Temporal Databases
Lee Eun Bae, Kim Dong Ho, Ryu Keun Ho
Design and Implementation of MPEG-2 Compressed Video Information Management System
Heo Jin Yong, Kim In Hong, Bae Jong Min, Kang Hyun Syug
An Integrated Synchronization Method for a Hyperpresentation in a Distributed Computing Environment
Lim Younghwan, Kim Doohyun, Kung Sanghwan
A Framne-based Continuous Media Transmission Technique and Service Management for ATM-specific Distributed Multimedia-On-Demand System
Lee KeunWang, Park SeJoon, Oh HaeSeok
Distributed Prodessing and A restricted load balancing scheme using a periodicity
Im Jong Kyu, Park Han Kyu, Chang Soon Ju, Koo Yong wan
Distributed Prodessing and Dependence Analysis and Class Design for Exploiting Implicit Parallelism in C++
Hwang Deuk Young, Kwon Oh Jin, Choi Young Keun
Distributed Prodessing and Data Dependency Elimination for Parallelism in Nested Loops
Song Weol Bong, Park Doo Soon
Design and Implementation of Object-Oriented Class Library for Supporting Understanding and Reusing the Prograrms
Jung Kye Dong, Kwon Oh Jin, Choi Young Keun
The Method for Real-Time Systems Modeling Based On the Object and Temporal Logic
Kim Jung Sool, Kang Byung Wook
Design and Implementation of a Support Environment for Communication Software Development based on Formal Methods
Lee Eun Seok
A Study on Automatic Indexing System Using Natural Language Processing, Statistical Technique, Relevance Verification
Yoo Chun Sik, Woo Sun Mi, Yoo Cheol Jung, Lee Jung deuk, Gwun Ou Bong, Kim Yong Sung
Dept. of Computer Science, Information and Communication Research Center, Kyungsang National University
Kim Chang Min, Kim Yong Gi
Design of A Group Cooperating Model Based on Intention Kerarchy
Jang Young Cheol, Lee Chang Hoon
A Personal Web-Agent System Using Case-Based Iearning
Kim Young Kwon, Lee Jae Pil, Lee Mal Rey, Kim Kyung Man, Kim Ki Tae
Implementation of Hybrid Firewall System for Network Security
Lee Yong Joon, Kim Bong Han, Park Cheon Yong, Oh Changsuk, Lee Jae Gwang
Development of IP address translator for Virtual Group network service
Choi Jim Young, Lee Seung Pyo
A Switch Behavior Supporting Effective ABR Traffic Control for Remote Destinations in a Multiple Connection
Lee Sook Young, Lee Meejeong
Computer Graphics & Implementation of Parallel Volume Rendering Using the Sequential Shear-Warp Algorithm
Kim Eung Kon
Computer Graphics & A Generic BIST Builder of Multiple RAM Modules Embedded in ASIC Chips
Chang Jong Kwon
Performance Analysis of Fault-Tolerant Scheduling in a Uniprocessor Computer
Kim Sung Soo
Performance Improvement of Operand Fetching with the Operand Reference Prediction Cache(ORPC)
Kim Heung Jun, Cho Kyung San
An Efficient Incremental Parsing for LR Parsers
Ahn Heui Hak


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