Digital Library

Vol. 5, No. 5, May, 1998

Spatiotemporal Data Model and Extension of their Operations for a Layered Temporal Geographic Information System
Kim Dong Ho, Lee Jong Yun, Joo Young Do, Ryu Keun Ho
The Design and Implementation of Script Interpreter for Multimedia Authoring
Cha HyunSung, Han KwangRok
An Efficient Index Structure Supporting Structure Queries for Video Documents
Lee Yong Kyu
Estimation of the Time to Execute A Hypermedia Scenario Using Petri Net
Yim Jaegeol, Lee Gyeyoung
Automatic Indexing for the Content-based Retrieval of News Video
Yang Myung Sup, Chang Ok Bae, Yoo Cheol Jung
Distributed Processing and Design of Cooperative Interactive Application Service and Session Management Service in ODP Systemns
Yi Jong Hwa
Distributed Processing and An Efficient Task Assignment Algorithm for Heterogeneous Multi-Computers
Seo Kyung ryong, Yeo Jeong mo
Distributed Processing and A Parallel Algorithm for Merging Relaxed Min-Max Heaps
Min Yong Sik
Distributed Processing and A Vectorization Technique at Object Code Level
Lee Dong Hoo, Kim Ke Chang
Restructuring Method for Object-Oriented Class Hierarchy
Jung Kye Dong, Choi Young Keun
Specifcation and Farmalization of Transition Event Sequence
Kim Jung Sool, Kang Byung Wook
Specification and Compatiblity Check of the Component compositions for the Reuse
Lee Chang Hoon, Lee Kyung Whan
A Software Release Policy Assuring Reliability for Imperfect Debugging
Park Joong Yang, Kim Young Soon
An Application of the Blackboard Architecture for the collaboration among heterogeneous software system
Cho Tae Ho, Koh Jong Young
The Access Control System of Network Management Information Base
Kim Jong Duk, Lee Hyung Hyo, Noh Bong Nam
A Study on the Hierarchical Configuration of Ground Station for the Satellite Based Data Distribution Service
Hong Wan Pyo, Kim Jeong Ho, Na Keuk Hwan
Video Conferncing Technology for Information Super Highway
Ann Sangjoon, Lee Seungro, Kim Chinchol, Han Sunyoung
Multicast Routing Protocol for Multimedia Applications
Lee Kwang il, Cho Pyoung Dong, Kim Kyoung il, Kim Sang ha
Design of Interworking Broker for Provisioning of End-to-End Interoperability in ATM Netword Environment
Sohn Sungwon, Jang Jongsoo, Jung Ha Jae, Oh Changsuk
A Management Method for hierarchical Information Strucures on Web Systems
Choi Yongjun, Lim Kyungsu, Hwang Dosam, Kim Chonggun
Unfairness of Congestion Control for Point-to-Multipoint Connections in ATM
Choi WonJeong, Lee Meejeong
Reliable Group Communication Platform using Virtual Tapologies in a Dynamic High-Speed Network
Shin Yong Tae, Cho Min Soo
The Design and Implementation of OSF/1 AD3 Based-Microkernel Initialization for SPAX
Kim Jeong nyeo, Cho II yeon, Lee Jaekyung, Kim Haejin
Prolog Tailoring Technique on Epilog Tailored Procedures
Jhi Yoon Chan, Kim Ki Chang
A Technique for Shape Features Extraction Using the Discrete Cosine Transform
Kim Kyungsu, Lee Yungsin, Kim Yongkuk, Lee Yunbae, Kim Panku
Real Time Maker Detection Algorithm for Motion Analysis
Lee Seung Min, Lee Ju Yeon, Hwang Jun, Kim Mun Hwa


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