Digital Library

Vol. 5, No. 4, April, 1998

Performance Analysis of Parallel Database Machine Architectures
Lee Yong Kyu
Distributed Processing and Parallel Simulation of Cellular Automaton Models using a Cell Packing Scheme
Seong Yeong Rak
A Study on the Definition and Tool of Modeling Technique for Supporting Object-Oriented Analysis
Kim Haeng Kon
Work-flow Analysis and Specification Definition Method of Software Process
Yang Hae Sool
Design and Implementation of Event Diagrammer Applet in the Web
Ban Jong Oh, Choi Hyung Jin
Design of Metadata Model and Development of Management System for Electronic Documents on the Web
Jung Hyo Taeg, Yang Young Jong, Kim Soon Yong, Lee Sang Duk, Choi Yoon Chul
A Rule Generation Technique Utilizing a Parallel Expansion Method
Lee Kee Cheol, Kim Jin Bong
Backward Reasoning in Fuzzy Petri - net Representation for Fuzzy Production Rules
Cho Sang Yeop
Fast QR Factorization Algorithms of Toeplitz Matrices based on Stabilized / Hyperbolic Householder Transformations
Choi Jae Young
A Design of Mandatory Access Control Mechanism for Firewall Systems
Kim Jae Sung, Hong Ki Yoong, Kim Hak Beom, Sim Joo Geol
Design and Implementation of a Transparent Security Infrastructure using Filter and Transformer
Kim Yong Min, Lee Do Heon, Noh Bong Nam, Choi Rak Man, Ine So Ran
A Study on the Integrated Digital Signature System based on Digital Signature Standards
Kim Seung Joo, Kim Kyung Shin, Won Dong Ho
A Study on Implementation of Model Checking Program for Verifying LTS Specification
Park Yong Bum, Kim Tae Kyun, Kim Sung Un
The Design and Implementation of Intranet Administrator and User Application
Shin Myung Ki, Hahm Jin Ho
The Implementation of the Asymmertic Digital Subscriber Lines ( ADSL ) Interface Function in ATM Networks
So Woon Seob, Yang Sung Mo, Kim Jin Tae, Kang S . R .
Computer Graphics & The Development of PLD Design Tool using the EDIF Netlist
Kim Hi Seok, Byun Sang Zoon
The MCSTOP Algorithm about the Minimum Cost Spanning Tree and the Optimum Path Generation for the Multicasting Path Assignment
Park Moon Sung, Kim Jin Suk
The Compensation of Image Distortion on the X - Ray Image Intensifier
Shin Dong Chul, Oh Choon Suk
Fractal Image Coding in Wavelet Transform Domain Using Absolute Values of Significant Coefficient Trees
Bae Sung Ho, Kim Hyun Soon
Fractal Coding Method using Bit - plane Image
Kim Jeong Il, Lee Kwang Bae, Kim Hyen Ug
Sketch Feature Extraction Through Learning Fuzzy Inference Rules with a Neural Network
Cho Sung Mok
VTR Head Inspection by using Image Processing Technique
Yoo Young Ki, No Byeong Ok, Oh Choon Suk


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