Digital Library

Vol. 5, No. 3, March, 1998

Design and Implementation of a Hanja-Hangul Convertor for Generating Correct Hangul
Kang Hyung Il, Kang Seung Hun, Jang Su Min, Yoo Jae Soo
Efficient Video Data Allocation Methods in a Hierarchical VOD Server
Jun Sung Bae, Lee Won Suk
The Design and Implementation of ACE ( Application sharing Collaboration Engine) for Collaboration Work
Oh Ju Byoung, Kim Jin Suk, Kim H . K .
The Reducing Technique of Compulsory Misses for S/W managed TLB
Park Jang Suk
Design and Implementation of Version Control System for Meta Information Management of Source Codes
Oh Sang Yeob, Chang Duk Chul
A Study on the Method and Tool Development for Extracting Objects from Procedure-Oriented System
Kim Jung Jong, Son Chang Min
A Study on a Knowledge - level Supporting Tool for Building Expert Systems
Kim Eun Gyung, Kim Seong Hoon, Park Choong Shik
Multicast Routing On High Speed Networks Using Evolutionary Algorithms
Lee Chang Hoon, Zhang Bupimg Tak, Ahn Sang Hyun, Kwak Ju Hyun, Kim Jae Hoon
A Hybrid Method of Verb Disambiguation in Machine Translation
Moon Yoo Jin, Martha Palmer
Morpheme Conversion for Korean Text - to - Sign Language Translation System
Park Su Hyun, Kang Seok Hoon, Kwon Hyuk Chul
Improvement of Korean Braille - Code System for Automatic Reverse Braille Translation
Kihl Tae Yeong, Kim Suk Il, Kim Hong Gi
Color Enhancement System Based on the Improvement of Transition Time and Color Detection Stability
Lee Eung Joo
A Role - Based Access Control Security Model for a Distributed Hypertext System
Jeong Cheol Yun, Lee Hyung Hyo, Noh Bong Nam
Object-Oriented Caching System by using CORBA Naming Service
Hong Sung June, Kim Young Jae, Hang Sun Young
AIN Protocol Conformance Test Suite Generation Using Formal Methods
Do Hyun Sook, Bae Seong Yong, Kim Sang Ki
An Efficient Feedback Collection for Multimedia Multicast
Kung Sang Hwan, Kang Mi Gyu, Koo Yeon Seol
The design of SIMIP for the continuous session between a static host and a mobile host in client - server environment
Kwon Eun Kyeong, Gho Yong Gu, Chae Ki Joon
An Information Modeling and Lookahead Functional Architecture for Signalling Capability Enhancement of B - ISDN in Korea
Park Nam Hoon, Kim Seog Bae, Lee Seog Ki, Kim Sang Ha
A Binding Model Design and Graphics Object Types Analysis Based on the PREMO
Lee Young Chul, Kim Min Hong, Kim Ha Jine
Design of the TMO Specification Language C ++T and Development of the C++T - to - C++ Translator
Kim Moon Hae, Park Yong Woo
Development of Hardware Trace Generating System
Yoon Hyung Min, Park Gi Ho, Lee Kil Whan, Han Tack Don, Kim Shin Dug, Yang Sung Bong, Lee Yong Surk
Corner Point Detection on Digital Contours using Directional Angle and Area Deviation
Jeong Kwang Woong, Lee Sang Hak, Kim Jin Hong, Kim Doo Young
An Efficient Pattern Partitioning Method in Multi - dimensional Feature Space
Kim Jin Il
Recognition of Hatched - Area from Region Information of Object and Vectorized Interpretation Lines
Jung Yoon Su, Oh Sang Keun, Lee Byung Kil, Park Kil Houm
Design and Implementation of Vocal Sound Variation Rules for Korean Language
Lee Gye Young
A Study of Delay Test for Sequential Circuit based on Boundary Scan Architecture
Lee Chang Hee, Kim Jeong Hwan, Yun Tae Jin, Nam In Gil, Ahn Gwang Seon


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